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The electricity grid of the future will be supplied by 100% renewable energy generators. Most of these generators will be connected to the grid by electronic power converters, which gives rise to protection and control difficulties during disturbances.

A solution to this problem associated with renewable-energy-based grids is to install synchronous condensers (SC), which are synchronous generators without a prime mover. SCs therefore possess all the advantages of a synchronous generator during fault conditions and eliminate the protection issues that otherwise exist.

Siemens A/S detected this challenge early and has committed to building a global competence centre in Denmark that focuses on synchronous condensers. The Center for Electric Power and Energy, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has a strong competence centre focusing on power system operation and electrical machines.

In this project, Siemens A/S and DTU set out to investigate the characteristics of a renewable-energy-based power system and identify the requirements for synchronous condensers in the future. By doing so, Siemens A/S and DTU are ensuring that Denmark maintains a leading position in the integration of renewable energy.
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