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A large amount of thermal energy is available from the waste heat associated with many industrial and social activities of mankind. It is difficult to reclaim this heat due to the dispersed nature and relative smallness of its sources. Thermoelectric conversion offers a very promising method to overcome these difficulties by converting heat directly into electricity at the source.1 However, the requirements for the materials are not easily satisfied even by current state-of-the-art thermoelectric materials. Not only must they possess high thermoelectric performance, they must also be stable at high temperatures and be composed of nontoxic and low-cost elements, and must be able to be processed and shaped cheaply. Oxides are among the strongest candidate materials for this purpose. Thermoelectric modules using oxide materials have been demonstrated with a power density exceeding 4.4 kW/m2, but their conversion efficiency still need to be improved2.The goal of the project is to develop and demonstrate high-temperature efficient thermoelectric oxide modules to be integrated in a converter system. Key tasks will be materials development (processing and nanostructuring), modelling, innovative design and integration of thermoelectric materials into modules and converter systems. The outcome of the project will be two-fold: first, it is of high scientific relevance for the development of future environmentally friendly energy materials; second, an optimized high temperature oxide thermoelectric generator represents a strategic route to the mitigation of CO2 emissions by increasing electrical efficiencies and making use of waste heat. The partners in the project consortium have outstanding international expertise within thermoelectric research and development. The research groups behind this proposal represent five leading laboratories in Denmark, Japan and the US, while industry participation ensures strong links to both technology providers and end-users.
Financing sourceUnknown
Research programmeUkendt
Amount21,000,000.00 Danish Kroner
Project ID1960015-00
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