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Error-correcting codes are essential in modern communication systems. The codes are constructed and analysed using advanced mathematics in many different ways. The main purpose of this project is construction and analysis of optimal codes and their en- and decoding algorithms. CODES ON GRAPHS Graph based codes is a way to construct good codes with low decoding complexity. Most of the results however are asymptotic. We construct specific codes based on earlier results on concatenated codes and codes based on finbite geometries. DECODING OF REED_SOLOMON CODES AND CONCATENATED CODES. New versions of decoding methods for Reed-Solomon codes give opportunities for correcting more errors than hitherto. We improve on these results. ALGEBRAIC GEOMETRY CODES Codes based on algebraic geometry can be shown to be better than the classical constructions. We construct and analyse some classes of AG-codes and their decoding algorithms.
Financing sourceForskningsrådene - SNF
Research programmeForskningsrådene - STVF
Amount630,000.00 Danish Kroner
Project ID10061
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