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  • Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut, Denmark
  • Dansk Center for Lys, Denmark
  • Energirådgiveren, Denmark
  • DANLED, Denmark
  • RAFA LYS A/S, Denmark
  • Dioder-Online I/S, Denmark
  • Flash Light A/S, Denmark
  • Lumodan ApS, Denmark
  • LED-TEK A/S, Denmark

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The aim of the project is to establish a quality program for LED lighting products available on the Danish market, with focus on light quality and energy consumption. A transparent overview of the products, price, light quality and energy efficiency will be the result and thus providing a better basis for the selection of products for professional buyers, as well as ordinary consumers. The project will: - Define relevant quality parameters of LED lighting products, including introducing understandable labels - Provide measurement facilities and develop procedures for the measurement of quality parameters - Establish a quality program of selected groups of LED lighting products with a categorization of quality parameters and price - Communicate knowledge on LED lighting products - Participate in international standardization of the test and characterization of LED light sources. The project will result in the construction of a self-sustaining quality program for LED lighting products that go beyond the project period.
Financing sourceForsk. Andre statslige danske i øvrigt
Research programmeForsk. Andre statslige danske i øvrigt
Amount678,715.00 Danish Kroner
Project ID70630



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