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  • Danish Organization for Amateur Fishermen, Denmark
  • Danish Union of Recreational Fishermen, Denmark

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The aim of this project is to collate data on recreational catches of fish around Denmark’s 7.300 km coastline. The objectives were to obtain information on which species were caught in the different localities around Denmark, where a species was most or least frequently caught and to monitor developments in the fishery.

The project is carried out in close collaboration with the Danish Organization for Amateur Fishermen and the Danish Union of Recreational Fishermen, who facilitate and support contact with up to 95 recreational fishers.

This project is an extension of a previous project (2005-2007) and an earlier project “Catch Registration” initiated in 2002. Whereas the first project allowed the fishers to fish as they normally did with whatever gear they normally used and register all their catch, including undersized fish or non edible fish, the Key Fishers projects had a different approach. In the Key fishers projects, the fishers use standardized gear unanimously agreed upon and supplied by DTU Aqua. They fish at fixed positions during a particular time period each month.

Catch data is sent to DTU Aqua for analysis. Information on temperature is provided by each fisher through a temperature data logger placed at the fishing position. General site information is provided by the fishermen through interviews conducted with each fisher. Further environmental data is obtained from other sources for the multivariate analyses to explore potential causes of change or spatial and temporal variations in CPUE.

Several reports have been produced from the project (Pedersen et al., 2005; Sparrevohn et al., 2009). One is presently being produced for the data for 2008-2010. Furthermore the first of a series of peer-reviewed papers is expected completed for submission ultimo 2011.

The project is coordinated by DTU Aqua.


  • Research area: Marine Habitats
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