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  • Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Norway
  • Uni Research AS, Norway
  • University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Lund University, Sweden
  • University of Helsinki, Finland
  • University of Bergen, Norway
  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway

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The aim of the network is to encourage exchange of ideas and stimulate collaboration across disciplines. A multitude of disciplines are represented, each offering distinct and powerful tools for the study of behavioral neuroscience of fishes. Individual disciplines will greatly benefit from an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and techniques. The network includes leading groups in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, representing the following research fields: general fish physiology (both at the phenotypic and genotypic level), genetic modification, genotype-phenotype interactions, molecular biology, biomedicine, evolutionary ecology, stress responses and neurotransmitter mechanisms, neuroanatomy and developmental neurobiology. An integration of the above disciplines will meet the growing need to understand underlying mechanisms of fish behavior and how it is affected by environments change, including anthropogenic disturbance and climate changes. This will advance our ability to better understand and tackle key issues associated with fish aquaculture, welfare, restoration and climate change.

The project is coordinated by DTU Aqua.


  • Research area: Aquaculture - Nutrition, Growth and Welfare
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