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  • University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • University of Tartu, Estonia
  • Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

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HMAP was the historical component of the Census of Marine Life (CoML) programme which was an international, multidisciplinary project whose objective was to investigate long-term changes in marine biodiversity and ecosystems, and how interactions between environmental conditions and human societal drivers (e.g., demand for fish) affect dynamics of marine populations and ecosystems. DTU Aqua work within the project involves the collection and interpretation of new historical data (e. g., from written reports, tax records, archaeological or paleo-oceanographic sources) on marine populations.

Work is focussing on:
- Century-millennial scale variations in fish communities in the Baltic and Black Seas based on sediment corres samples of fish remains
- Herring populations in the north Atlantic
- Bluefin tuna in the northeast Atlantic-Mediterranean-Black Sea region
- Swordfish in the northwest Atlantic.

HMAP is collaboration between natural scientists (e. g., fishery biologists) and maritime-fisheries historians. Although CoML and HMAP officially ended in Dec. 2010, HMAP continues both within DTU Aqua and abroad as a network supported by institute and other funding sources. The work done within HMAP is contributing to the development of new management and conservation policies by demonstrating the species compositions, sizes and distributions of animals that lived in the ocean during periods with less human impact than today.

DTU Aqua’s HMAP work contributes to the ICES Study Group on the History of Fish and Fisheries.Apart from the above mentioned several other marine research and social science institutes around the world are involved in the project.

Apart from the below mentioned, several marine research and social science institutes around the world are involved in the project.

The project is coordinated by Trinity College, Ireland.


  • Research area: Marine Populations and Ecosystem Dynamics
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