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The projects aims to develop a web based handbook in lake fisheries management. The end goal is to provide local lake managers with knowledge about the biology of focal species as well as a tool box for how to manage these. This should lead to an enhanced value of the recreational fishing in Danish lakes covering all types of lake fishery preferences (species, sizes, quantity, etc.), of course with due consideration to authenticity and environmental conditions.

Lake ecology in general and fish population dynamics in specific is complex and often very lake specific. Unfortunately knowledge on the ecology and fish populations of specific lakes is often scarce or lacking, which is why fisheries management in particular in lakes can be very difficult. To supplement existing knowledge the idea is to collect information from users of the lake e.g. local anglers, who can contribute valuable information on a local scale. This can be both environmental parameters like standardized measurements of secchi depth, underwater plant distribution and not least standardized angler log books, all of which can be gathered during fishing trips. All gathered information on lakes will be accessible via GIS based interactive maps.

A central part of the handbook will be descriptions of species and their ecology, environmental requirements etc., which will be extracted from previous lake research and existing knowledge. These descriptions will be essential for rationalization of which measures can possibly be launched to enhance abundance of specific fish species, i.e. if the species is not thriving in the lake. Also these types of information will be accessible via the GIS based interactive maps. Merging existing knowledge will most likely reveal areas where more knowledge is required in order to optimize future management. In relation to this some areas of focus have already been appointed, where a more thorough analysis of existing data will be addressed: (1) The importance of lake type (i.e. size, depth, secchi depth) on the abundance and size distribution of predator fish populations such as perch and pike. This includes an analysis of long time series on fish population development in biomanipulated lakes. (2) The use of catch reports as a mean to assess fish populations will be addressed by analyzing 60 years of existing angler catch reports from a large Danish lake. (3) Knowledge on carp, especially factors affecting spawning potential in Denmark, will be updated, which is urgently relevant for the effect of carp stocking in different lake types.

The lake handbook will be integrated in the existing homepage www.fiskepleje.dk. It will be continuously updated and thereby always provide updated knowledge on fisheries management to a broad audience of users.

The project is coordinated by DTU Aqua.


  • Research area: Freshwater Fisheries and Ecology
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