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A National Management Plan (MP) for the (endangered) remaining Danish populations of Atlantic salmon was issued in 2004. The plan includes stocking, fishing regulations and massive habitat/connectivity improvements, but no monitoring plan to evaluate the effect and assess the current status of the populations/runs in the 4 rivers covered by the MP. This project aims covering the information gap and providing basic information on the salmon runs to enable proper management decisions. Every year monitoring will be carried out in one of the 4 rivers covered by the MP, so each river will be surveyed every 4 years.

1) Number of spawners: Intensive electrofishing from boat is carried out just after the season closure (October) in the main river and in some tributaries, where all salmon are measured (TL, sex) and PIT tagged. In November during the regular electrofishing for broodstock, the proportion of tagged individuals gives a measure of the sampling efficiency and provides basis for an estimation of population size. The composition in terms of size, sex and origin (stocked fish are fin-clipped) can also be estimated.

2) Spawning areas: In each of the 4 rivers the most important/preferred spawning areas will be identified using radiotelemetry. During the first electrofishing, 50-60 salmon will be equipped with a surgically implanted radio tag and followed by manual tracking and Automatic Listening Stations to map the spawning areas chosen by each fish. Naturally spawned fry will be genetically analyzed to assess the number of families present on each spawning area (redd). The presence of several families indicate a well-functioning and well-visited spawning area, whereas few or single families indicate lack of spawners.

The project is coordinated by DTU Aqua.


  • Research area: Freshwater Fisheries and Ecology
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