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The workshop intends to promote the development and application of new methods for decision making and strategic planning in particular with respect to Uncertainty and Nonlinear Effects in Complex Systems through the discussion of a limited number of invited scientists with different research background from various fields. The invited talks address these topics either directly or discuss methods with potential applications thereby. Program: M. Makowski (IIASA): Certain decision-making for uncertain problems T. Brenner (MPI Jena): A stochastic model of industry location - The case of the automobile industry in Germany R. E. Wilson (Bristol): Road Traffic Modelling: Nonlinear Dynamics, Data, and Future Multiscale Directions J. Casti (Santa Fe/IIASA): Would-be worlds: Toward a theory of complex systems K. Sneppen (NBI): Communication and topology in networks M. Eiswirth (FHI Berlin): Stoichiometric network analysis M. Labbe (Universite Libre de Bruxelles): Reliable communication network design: models and solution methods F. Schweitzer (ETH Zürich): The role of local effects in collective decision processes C. Siettos (National Technical University of Athens): Coarse-grained computations for agent-based market models: An equation-free approach to nonlinear analysis and control of complex systems G. Silverberg (UNU-MERIT/ University of Maastricht): What a Difference a Dimension Makes: Collective Search and “Rationality“ in Complex Technology Spaces
Financing sourceForsk. Andre offentlige og private - Udenlandske
Research programmeForsk. Andre offentlige og private - Udenlandske
Amount400,000.00 Danish Kroner
Project ID10097
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