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The risk perception in SME’s is normally low, which is closely related to the relatively few accidents that the small enterprises experience by themselves compared to larger enterprises. This is a fact even though the SME´s together represent a higher accident frequency compared to large enterprises. To reach the SME´s we have to find a way to support them because they normally do not have time nor the resources to get the necessary knowledge and awareness for working with their own safety. The Dutch developed WORM project is transferred into a Danish context, with the aim to create a more simple system targeted the SME. The WORM project develops a method that identifies the activities in a person’s daily work that contributes most the person’s risk and also identifies what conditions need to be changed in order to reduce that risk. Our investigation seeks to answer the question whether we can collect information about the risks in SME´s using the WORM method and whether we can find a way to present this information so that the SME´s will be able to use the information constructively. Finally we want to evaluate the impact of this method on occupational safety in SME’s, because the investigation also focuses on the management factors that can motivate the SME´s to increase their risk awareness and own initiatives. The project is carried out for three occupations, carpenters, caretakers, and blacksmiths, all working in enterprises with less than 50 employees.
Financing sourceForskningsprojekter - Andre ministerier og styrelser
Research programmeForskningsprojekter - Andre ministerier og styrelser
Amount2,270,196.00 Danish Kroner
Project ID25766


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