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  • University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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This project is investigating large scale patterns and variations of life in the ocean, focussing primarily on fishes. The theme will use fishes to investigate how processes associated with climate change and human impacts (e. g., fishing and eutrophication) influences fish biodiversity, the dynamics of populations and species, how species interact with each other, and how species diversification has varied over large time and space scales. Studies will focus on key processes affecting life histories and distribution of populations, including reproduction, mortality, and migration, whereas other studies will focus on detection and interpretation of larger scale biodiversity patterns, and the past and future processes (e. g., extinction, speciation, dispersion) which affect those patterns. The work will focus on large temporal, spatial and phylogenetic scales (years-millennia; regional seas to entire global ocean; populations to orders).

Example research questions are:
- How can process knowledge of local populations inform us about species level phenomena (e.g., geographic ranges, interactions with other species)?
- How will future climate change and other human impacts affect species distributions and how species interact with each other?
- How is fish biodiversity and species richness influenced by climate variability throughout the North Atlantic Ocean?
- How has fish speciation processes differed in various parts of the global ocean?

The project is coordinated by University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


  • Research area: Marine Populations and Ecosystem Dynamics
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