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CLG's totalbevilling = kr. 15.723.006,00, hvoraf en del penge videreføres til samarbejdspartnere. CLG er opdelt i 10 delprojekter + et ph.d.-projekt.

The Centre for Logistics and Freight Transport (CLG) is a multi-disciplinary research centre on logistics and freight transport. The Centre is headed by CTT. CLG is a cooperation between a number of Danish and international universities and companies. CLG is funded by The Danish Technical Research Council (STVF). The objective of the Centre is to strengthen the Danish research on logistics and transport. This is achieved through specific research projects and through networking activities within the center. A number of the research projects are multi-disciplinary. The scope of the Centre is to obtain an increased knowledge about the various stakeholders within the logistics and transport sector and to develop new methods and concepts which are applicable to the stakeholders. This includes organisatorial and management concepts as well as methods based on mathematical models in order to support the various stakeholders which briefly can be characterized as follows: Manufacturers and consumers of goods (transport users). Transporters (operators, forwarders, etc.). Transport infrastructure owner (public authorities, ports, airports, etc.). Public authorities (political means and control). National economics (derivated effects of the transport system and the external influences).
Financing sourceForskningsrådene - STVF
Research programmeForskningsrådene - STVF
Amount15,723,006.00 Danish Kroner
Project ID421-35044
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