External Organisations

  • FORCE Instituttet, Denmark
  • Risø National Laboratory, Denmark
  • Junckers Industrier A/S, Denmark
  • Banestyrelsen A/S, Denmark
  • Coloplast Danmark A/S, Denmark
  • Hammel Maskinfabrik, SciTech a/s

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Traditional ultrasound inspections require physical contact between the piezo-electric sound generator and the product or item to be investigated. Good contact is achieved by smearing oil onto the item which provides a good impedance match. In many potential new applications of ultrasound, physical contact is not desirable between the ultrasound generator/detector and the item to be inspected. This is the case in inspection at assembly lines, where the high speed of production do not allow cumbersome smearing and placement of an ultrasound generator/receiver onto the products on the line. However, in this project non contact ultrasound inspections are suggested to be accomplished using lasers. A powerful laser pulse is directed onto an item which generates a sound wave propagating through the item and is reflected from possible hidden defects. On return to the surface the wave is detected by laser beams who's interference patterns register the movement of the surface. The physical laser system is developed at Risø and FORCE Institute. The contribution to this project from IMM concerns mathematical modelling as an add to design and optimize a non touchable inspection system. This include modelling the generation of ultra sound through rapid laser heating from short pulses and wave propagation. Feedback control and steering of a production line with a non touchable inspection system implemented will be modelled and theoretically investigated.
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