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  • Laboratoire Bio-inorganique et Environnement, France
  • University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Pharma Nord Aps., Denmark

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Selenium is an essential element that may have cancer-preventive properties. By using biotechnological research methods, the YESSEL project will develop yeast strains as cell factories for synthesis of organic selenium compounds with promising properties towards prevention of disease. The hypothesis is that yeast can be engineered for improved production of target selenium species such as methylselenocysteine or selenium-sulphur conjugates. Furthermore, the project will test if these target compounds are safer than selenomethionine that is predominant in natural yeast. The project will map, engineer and optimise the metabolic routes in yeast leading to the target selenium compounds. The selenium compounds produced be the various strain modifications of yeasts will be characterised by advanced mass spectrometric methods, such as HPLC-ICP-MS and Q-TOF-MS.
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