Thomas Bisgaard

Thomas Bisgaard

PhD student

Building: 227, 204


Phone: 45252811

Topic of thesis: Operation and Design of Diabatic Processes

Starting date: September 2012

Background: M.Sc. in Chemical engineering from Technical University of Denmark

Supervisors: Jens Abildskov, Jakob K. Huusom, Nicolas von Solms, Kim Pilegaard

Diabatic distillation columns have been proposed as a means to reduce utility consumption and operation cost of separation. In diabatic operation, the heat required to perform the separation is added and/or removed throughout the column. An example is the heat-integrated distillation column (HIDiC), where internal heat transfer is realized by operating the rectifying section at higher pressure than the stripping section, using vapor recompression. The aim of this project is to benchmark diabatic distillation columns against industrially proven configurations, covering the conventional and the mechanical vapor recompression column (MVRC), w.r.t. energy efficient, economics and operation. The benchmarking will include both economical and operational aspects.
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  • Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research

    ISSNs: 0888-5885, 08885885

    ISSNs (Electronic): 1520-5045

    American Chemical Society, United States

    BFI (2015): BFI-level 2, ISI indexed (2013): ISI indexed yes

    Central database


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