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Silvia Tolu



Building: 326, 110

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1999 - 2004 Bachelor in Electronic Engineering degree - University of Cagliari
2004 - 2006 Master in Electronic Engineering degree - University of Cagliari
2007 - 2008 Master in Computing Networks Engineering degree - University of Granada, Spain
2010 - 2012 Master in Linguistics applied to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language degree - University of Antonio de Nebrija, Madrid, Spain

Academic grades

Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D) in Computer Science. Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D) in Computer Science.Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D) in Computer Science.Thesis title: Bio-Inspired Motor Learning Models for Robot Control. Honours and Awards: Cum Laude Granted by the European project “Sensopac” and the Sardinian program “Master & Back”. Department of Computer Architecture and Technology (ATC), University of Granada, Spain. Sept. 2008 to March 2012

Professional experience

2015 - PostDoc - Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Department of Electrical Engineering - Center for Playware
2014 - 2014 Robotics consultant (1 year) - CNR Institute and Telecommunications (IEIIT) / Telecom Italia SpA, Information Engineering and Telecommunications (IEIIT)
2004 - 2006 Site Manager in the Facility Management Area for Nazca Ltd, Milan, Italy - Nazca Ltd, Milan, Italy.
2007 - 2010 Research and participation in the following European research project: SENSOPAC - University of Granada, Spain., Department of Computer Architecture and Technology (ATC),
2007 - 2010 Research and participation in the following European research project: SENSOPAC - University of Granada, Spain., Department of Computer Architecture and Technology (ATC),


English, Spanish, Italian (Mother tongue), French a2


Adaptive control; Motor control and motor learning; Cerebellar learning; Machine learning (LWPR);  Neuro-robotics;  Bio-inspired control system models; Modular robotics; Cloud or Service Robotics (ROS).

International experience

November 2008 to March 2009

Visiting research student

Work on a comparison of different learning architectures and study how to apply the LWPR algorithm to them (Advisors: Professor Dr. Sethu Vijayakumar, Dr. Stefan Klanke).

Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour (IPAB) at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, UK.

Other information

Publications in Engineering

  1. JA Garrido, NR Luque, S. Tolu, Egidio D'Angelo (2016), Oscillation-driven Spike-timing Dependent Plasticity Allows Multiple Overlapping Pattern Recognition in Inhibitory Interneuron Networks. International Journal of Neural Systems, 26 (4), pp. 1-27.

  2. S. Tolu, M. Vanegas, JA Garrido, NR Luque, E. Ros. (2013), Adaptive and Predictive Control of a Simulated Robot Arm.  International  Journal of Neural Systems, 23 (3), doi: 10.1142 / S012906571350010X.

  3. S. Tolu, M. Vanegas, N. Luque, J. Garrido, and E. Ros. (2012), Bio-inspired adaptive feedback error learning architecture for motor control.  Biological Cybernetics, vol. 106, pp. 507-522.

  4. S. Tolu, M. Vanegas, R. Agis, RR Carrillo, A. Cañas. (2012), Dynamics Model Abstraction Scheme Using Radial Basis Functions.  Journal  of Control Science and Engineering, vol. 2012, doi: 10.1155 / 2012/761019.

  5. N. Luque, J. Garrido, RR Carrillo,  S.  Tolu, E. Ros. (2011), Adaptive cerebellar spiking model embedded in the control loop: context switching and robustness against noise.  International Journal of Neural  Systems, 21 (5), pp. 385-401.

  6. RR Carrillo, E. Ros,  S.  Tolu, T. Nieus, E. D'Angelo. (2008), Event-driven simulation of cerebellar granule cells.  Biosystems 94 (1-2), pp.10-17.

International conferences'

  1. I. Baira Ojeda, S. Tolu,  M. Pacheco, D. Johan Christensen, H. Hautop Lund, Neural Control of a Modular Robot, Poster presentation at The Human Brain Project Summit, Florencia, Italy, 2016th

  2. I. Baira Ojeda, S. Tolu,  M. Pacheco, D. Johan Christensen, H. Hautop Lund, A Combination of Machine Learning and Cerebellar Models for the Motor Control and Learning of a Modular Robot, Proceedings of the ICAROB International Conference on Artificial Life and Robotics, Miyazaki, Japan, 2017.

  3. L. Vannucci, E. Falotico,  S. Tolu, P. Dario, H. Hautop Lund, C. Laschi, " Eye-head Stabilization mechanism of a humanoid robot tested on human intertial data", 5th International Conference, Living Machines 2016 Edinburgh, UK, July 19-22. Biomimetic and BioHybrid Systems Proceedings, 2016 Springer.

  4. L. Vannucci *,  S. Tolu *, E. Falotico *; P. Dario, H. Hautop Lund, C. Laschi, " Adaptive gauze Stabilization through cerebellar internal models in a humanoid robot," 6th IEEE RAS / EMBS International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics, 2016 IEEE (* = equal contribution).

  5. S. Tolu, E. Ros, and R. Agis. Bio-inspired control model for object manipulation by humanoid robots, in: International Work Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (Iwann 2007), San Sebastian, Spain, LNCS, vol. 4507, 813-820, 2007.

  6. R. Carrillo, E. Ros,  S. Tolu, and T. Nieus, DE Event-driven simulation of cerebellar granule cells, in: Seventh International Workshop on Information Processing in Cells and Tissues (IPCAT 2007), Oxford, 2007.
  7. RR Carrillo, J. Garrido, E. Ros,  S. Tolu, C. Boucheny, and ojm Coenen. A realtime spiking cerebellum model for learning robot control, in: International Conference On Cognitive Systems (COGSYS 2008), Karlsruhe, Germany, 2008.


  1. 3rd HBP Education Workshop - Future Computing. Poster presentation: a modular cerebellar based control architecture for a modular robot, S. Tolu, DJ Christensen, HH Lund. 11th two 15th January 2016 Shrigley Hall Hotel, Manchester, UK.
  2. Workshop on Embodied Artificial Intelligence Presentation: Human Brain Project (HBP) and Embodied AI. IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2015.

Invited talks

  1. Euro Asia Pacific Joint Conference on Cognitive Science (Eapcogsci - Sept. 2015). Talk: " Cerebellar internal models for a modular robot". Symposium on Brain-supported learning algorithms for robots. Torino, Italy.
  2. 4th Neuro Robotics Performance Show, Human Brain Project (SP10).  Talk: A bio-inspired motor learning and control approach for a modular robot. The BioRobotics Institute, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pontedera, Pisa, Italy, July 2015.
  3. Embodied Artificial Intelligence Workshop. Talk: " Human Brain Project and embodied AI". IT University, Copenhagen, Denmark, 11 May 2015.
  4. Genil Project ( Talk: " Bio-inspired learning Mechanisms for motor control", University of Granada (UGR), Spain, 12 March 2015.
  5. Lan Party. Talk: " Humanoids Robots: sina programming and use in the research", Ceuta, Spain, 6th - 7th July 2007. 

Supervised works

Master thesis

I. Baira Ojeda, Scaling up a Modular Cerebellar Model for Neural Control of Fable Robot, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), June 2016.  Supervisors: Silvia Tolu, David Johan Christensen, Henrik Hautop Lund and Antonio Barrientos Cruz.

Special Courses

Paul Schreiner, Survey of bio-inspired modular robots, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), July 2016. 

Peter Juhl Savnik, Modelling and Simulation of a Simple Spiking Neural Network on a Dedicated Hardware Platform, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), December 2015. 

Publications in Spanish Teaching or Education

  1. P. Robles Garrote, O. Rodríguez García, e  S. Tolu, (2013). "The cine. Para una secuencia didáctica niveles B1-B2". In  Azulejo para el aula de Español, Journal of the  Education Counseling in Portugal, nº 6, pp. 26-34, ISSN: 1647-0834. Available in:
  2. Tolu, (2012). La combinación Lexica en las Lenguas afines. Análisis de Guiones para la presentación oral de estudiantes universitarios Italianos de español como lengua Extranjería. In REDELE, Biblioteca Virtuale, n. 13th

Maternity leaves from 1st of August 2012 two 1st of Octuber 2013 and from 1st of May 2016 two 31st of January 2017.

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