Sebastian Horch

Sebastian Horch

Associate Professor


Building: 307, 038

2800 Kgs. Lyngby


Phone: 45253232

Fax: 4593 2399

My research happens in the exciting nano-world.  Through investigation of different nano-structures that we prepare ourselves (either nano-particles or structures on the nano-scale on speciel surfaces), using a speciel microscope (an STM), we try to get a better insight in, why nanoscale material acts so very different.  Currently, we focus mainly on the connection between structure and reactivity of nano-catalysts, e.g. small gold particles that happen to be very reactive, something gold normally not is or small MoS2 particles that could be a cheap (but almost as reactive) substitute for the precious Platinum one normally uses for different chemical processes.  Based on the obtained atomistic insight, we hope to be able to come with proposals for the production of catalysts that are either cheaper or better to do their job.

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