Robert Madsen

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  1. Project: PhD

  2. Project: PhD

  3. Completed
  4. Project: PhD

  5. Completed
  6. Novel Analytical Technologies

    Andersen, M. C. F., Clausen, M. H., Oscarson, S., Pedersen, C. M. & Madsen, R.


    Project: PhD

  7. Oxidative Coupling Reactions with Alcohols

    Sølvhøj, A. B., Madsen, R., Nielsen, M. B., Fristrup, P. & Wärnmark, K.


    Project: PhD

  8. Synthesis of Human Milk Oligosaccharides

    Jennum, C. A., Madsen, R., Schmidt, R. R., Gotfredsen, C. H. & Jensen, H. H.


    Project: PhD

  9. Completed

    Oligosaccharide synthesis

    Zakharova, A., Madsen, R., Clausen, M. H., Field, R. A., Duus, J. Ø. & Hindsgaul, O.


    Project: PhD

  10. Completed
  11. Completed

    Project: PhD

  12. Completed

    Project: PhD

  13. Completed

    Project: PhD

  14. Completed

    Project: PhD

  15. Completed
  16. Completed
  17. Completed
  18. Completed
  19. Completed
  20. Completed

    Metalorganiske Amineringsreaktioner

    Jensen, T., Madsen, R., Wärnmark, K., Skrydstrup, T. & Clausen, M. H.


    Project: PhD

  21. Completed
  22. Completed

    Project: PhD

  23. Completed

    Project: PhD

  24. Completed
  25. Completed

    Project: PhD

  26. Completed
  27. Completed
  28. Completed

    En ny Peptidmodel med forøget stabilitet

    Hosseini, M., Tanner, D. A., Tønder, J. E., Dörwald, F. Z., Grøtli, M., Madsen, R. & Meldal, M.


    Project: PhD

  29. Completed

    Project: PhD

  30. Completed
  31. Completed
  32. Completed

    Project: PhD

  33. Completed

    Total Synthesis of Zoanthamine Alkaloids

    Hjelmgaard, T., Tanner, D. A., Madsen, R., Skrydstrup, T. & Dörwald, F. Z.


    Project: PhD

  34. Completed

    Project: PhD

  35. Completed

    Project: PhD

  36. Completed
  37. Completed

    Syntese af naturstoffer

    Håkansson, A. E., Madsen, R., Skrydstrup, T., Tanner, D. A. & Ruhland, T.


    Project: PhD

  38. Completed
  39. Completed
  40. Completed

    Project: PhD

  41. Completed
  42. Completed
  43. Completed

    Metalorgisk kemi på kulhydrater

    Paulsen, A. L., Madsen, R., Norrby, P., Wärnmark, K. & Begtrup, M.


    Project: PhD

  44. Completed

    Elucidation of Functional Groups in Pectin

    Lundt, I., Rosenbohm, C., Madsen, R., Clausen, M. H., Christensen, T. & Mikkelsen, J. D.



  45. Completed
  46. Completed

    Project: PhD

  47. Completed
  48. Completed

    Project: PhD

  49. Completed
  50. Completed
  51. Completed

    Kombinatorisk Kemi

    Carstensen, E. V., Nielsen, J., Pedersen, E. B. & Madsen, R.


    Project: PhD

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