René Wugt Larsen

René Wugt Larsen

Associate Professor

Kemitorvet, Building 206, Room 066

2800 Kgs. Lyngby


Phone: 45252027

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications


[44] F. Kollipost, J. Andersen, D. W. Mahler, J. Heimdal, M. Heger, M. A. Suhm and R. Wugt Larsen, "The Effect of Hydrogen Bonding on Torsional Dynamics: A Combined Far-Infrared Jet and Matrix Isolation Study of Methanol Dimer". Journal of Chemical Physics 141, 174314 (2014). Read/Download


[43] J. Andersen, J. Heimdal, D. W. Mahler, B. Nelander and R. Wugt Larsen,  "THz Absorption Spectrum of the CO2–H2O Complex: Observation and Assignment of Intermolecular van der Waals Vibrations". Journal of Chemical Physics 140, 091103 (2014). Read/Download


[40] F. Kollipost, R. Wugt Larsen, A. V. Domanskaya, M. Nörenberg and M. A. Suhm, "The Highest Frequency Hydrogen Bond Vibration and an Experimental Value for the Dissociation Energy of Formic Acid Dimer". Journal of Chemical Physics 136, 151101 (2012). Read/Download


[37] M. Nedic, T. N. Wassermann, R. Wugt Larsen and M. A. Suhm, "A Combined Raman and Infrared Jet Study of Mixed Methanol-Water and Ethanol-Water Clusters". Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13, 14050 (2011). Themed Issue: Weak Hydrogen Bonds – Strong Effects. Read/Download


[34] R. Wugt Larsen and M. A. Suhm, "The Benefits of Alternation and Alkylation: Large Amplitude Hydrogen Bond Librational Modes of Alcohol Trimers and Tetramers". Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12, 8152 (2010). Themed Issue: Chemical Dynamics of Large-Amplitude Motion. Read/Download


[22] R. Wugt Larsen, P. Zielke and M. A. Suhm, "Hydrogen-Bonded OH Stretching Modes of Methanol Clusters: A Combined IR and Raman Isotopomer Study". Journal of Chemical Physics 126, 194307 (2007).  Read/Download


[19] R. Wugt Larsen and M. A. Suhm, "Cooperative Organic Hydrogen Bonds: The Librational Modes of Cyclic Methanol Clusters". Journal of Chemical Physics 125, 154314 (2006). Selected for November 2006 Issue of Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research: Physics of Water and Hydrogen-Bonded Solvents. Read/Download


[8] R. Wugt Larsen, F. Hegelund and B. Nelander, "Observation and Rovibrational Analysis of the Intermolecular HCl Librational Band v4 of OC–HCl. Modeling of the Intermolecular Potential Energy Surface". Journal of Physical Chemistry A 108, 1524 (2004). Read/Download


[7] R. Wugt Larsen, F. Hegelund and B. Nelander, "Observation and Assignment of the v2 + v9v9 Hot Band of (HCN)2". Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 6, 3077 (2004). Read/Download



1992 - 1996 BSc - University of Copenhagen
1996 - 1998 MSc - University of Copenhagen
2000 - 2004 PhD - Lund University

Professional experience

1996 - 1998 Teaching Assistant - University of Copenhagen
1998 - 2000 Research Assistant - University of Copenhagen
2000 - 2004 Doctoral Candidate - Lund University
2005 - 2006 Post Doc - University of Copenhagen
2006 - 2008 Post Doc - Universität Göttingen
2008 - 2009 Post Doc - UC Berkeley
2009 - 2010 Assoc. Specialist - UC Berkeley
2010 - 2010 Guest Researcher - Universität Göttingen
2010 - 2011 Researcher - University of Copenhagen
2011 - 2014 Ass. Prof. - DTU
2014 - Assoc. Prof. - DTU
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  • Journal of Chemical Physics

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    ISSNs (Electronic): 1089-7690

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    ISI indexed (2013): yes, FI (2013): 2

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  • Molecular Physics

    ISSNs: 0026-8976, 00268976

    ISSNs (Electronic): 1362-3028

    Taylor & Francis Ltd., United Kingdom

    ISI indexed (2013): yes, FI (2013): 1

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  • Chemical Physics Letters

    ISSNs: 0009-2614, 00092614

    ISSNs (Electronic): 1873-4448

    Elsevier BV, Netherlands

    ISI indexed (2013): yes, FI (2013): 1

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