Rasmus Solmer Eriksen

Rasmus Solmer Eriksen


Educational Background 


 2006  Ph.D. student at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

 Master degree, Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

thesis: “Experimental Verification of the medium thickness estimation technique
based on frequency- and angular-correlation functions”, work done at University
of Washington, Seattle USA

 2004-2005  Exchange student at the University of Washington, Seattle US.
 2003  Awarded Bachelor degree within Electrical Engineering, DTU

thesis: “Modification of power amplifier for 1800 MHz GSM base station”.


Certificate of completed apprenticeship as automatics technician., DanfossA/S, Denmark


 Academic projects

 2001  European Space Agency summer school, Alpach, Austria

DTUsat cubesat project, responsible for ground station operations, Denmark




 2007-2008  DAF/Fulbright scholarship, University of Washington, Seattle

IDEA/Kaufmann scholarship for young entrepreneurs.


Professional Experience


 1994-1997  Danfoss A/S – apprenticeship 3 year automatics technician.

Metropol Online A/S – webprogrammer and responsible for dataexchange with external news agencies


IPU – product development consultant


Additional information


 2000-2006  Active in the university sailing team

Member of the educational committee at the Ørsted Institute, DTU


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