Philip John Binning

  1. 2011
  2. Published

    Life Cycle Assessment Combined with Remedial Performance Modeling for Assessment of the Environmental Impacts of Remediation Technologies for TCE-Contaminated Sites. / Lemming, Gitte; Hauschild, Michael Zwicky; Chambon, Julie Claire Claudia; Binning, Philip John; Bjerg, Poul Løgstrup; Bulle, Cecile; Margni, Manuele.

    2011. Abstract from International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies, Nevada, USA, .

    Publication: ResearchConference abstract for conference – Annual report year: 2011

  3. Published
  4. Published

    Monitering af sandfiltres driftstilstand. / Lopato, Laure; Riemer, Morten; Arvin, Erik; Binning, Philip John.

    2011. Abstract from Dansk Vand Konference 2011, Aarhus, Denmark.

    Publication: ResearchConference abstract for conference – Annual report year: 2011

  5. Published
  6. Published

    Occurrence Of Pesticides In Surface And Groundwater In Two Catchments On Sjælland, Denmark. / McKnight, Ursula S.; Rasmussen, Jes J.; Kronvang, Brian; Bjerg, Poul Løgstrup; Binning, Philip John.

    Vandkvalitet i grudvand/overfladevand - hvordan griber vi det an?. Kgs. Lyngby : ATV Jord og Grundvand, 2011. p. 25-32.

    Publication: ResearchArticle in proceedings – Annual report year: 2011

  7. Published

    Quantifying the potential of local stormwater infiltration measures in western Copenhagen. / Bergman, Maria; Fryd, Ole; Jeppesen, Jan; Mikkelsen, Peter Steen; Mark, Ole; Bergen Jensen, Marina; Binning, Philip John.

    2011. Poster session presented at Cities of the Future Sustainable Urban Planning and Water Management, Stockholm, Sweden, .

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewPoster – Annual report year: 2011

  8. Published

    Risikovurdering af forurenede grunde på Vadsbyvej i forhold til vandressourcen og Soderup Vandværk. / Chambon, Julie Claire Claudia; Thomsen, Nanna Isbak; Kessler, Timo Christian; Nilsson, Bertel; Klint, Knud Erik; Binning, Philip John; Bjerg, Poul Løgstrup.

    DTU Miljø, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet & Region Hovedstaden, 2011. 37 p.

    Publication: ResearchReport – Annual report year: 2011

  9. Published

    Risk-based prioritisation of point sources through assessment of the impact on a water supply. / Overheu, Niels D.; Tuxen, Nina; Troldborg, Mads; Binning, Philip John; Bjerg, Poul Løgstrup; Flyvbjerg, John; Østergaard, Henrik; Jensen, Carsten B.

    7th International Groundwater Quality Conference: Groundwater Quality Management in a Rapidly Changing World, GQ10. IAHS Press, 2011. p. 383-386 (IAHS Publications Series (Red Books), Vol. 342).

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewArticle in proceedings – Annual report year: 2011

  10. Published
  11. Published

    Time-lapse gravity data used to calibrate a river bank storage model. / Christiansen, L.; Binning, Philip John; Rosbjerg, Dan; Andersen, Ole Baltazar; Bauer-Gottwein, Peter.

    Abstracts proceedings of the 5th Annual Meeting of The Danish Water Research Platform (DWRP) – Forskningsplatformen Vand. 2011.

    Publication: Research - peer-reviewConference abstract in proceedings – Annual report year: 2011

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