Ole Bjarlin Jensen

Ole Bjarlin Jensen

Senior researcher

Frederiksborgvej 399, Building 130, Room 163

4000 Roskilde


Phone: 46774553

Ole Bjarlin Jensen is performing research within diode lasers, solid state lasers and nonlinear optics. The research in diode lasers focuses on improvement of the spatial and spectral coherence of diode lasers through the use of external cavity techniques and beam combination of different diode lasers. These diode lasers are used to generate new wavelengths through nonlinear frequency conversion like second harmonic generation and sum/difference frequency generation. The research has strong focus on applications, in particular biomedical applications.

Selected papers:

  1. O. B. Jensen, A. K. Hansen, A. Müller, B. Sumpf, A. Unterhuber, W. Drexler, P. M. Petersen, “Power Scaling of Nonlinear Frequency Converted Tapered Diode Lasers for Biophotonics”, IEEE J. Sel. Topics Quantum Electron. 20, 1-15, DOI:10.1109/JSTQE.2013.2284423, 2014.
  2. A. Unterhuber, B. Považay, A. Müller, O. B. Jensen, M. Duelk, M. Esmaeelpour, T. Le, P. M. Petersen, C. Velez, P. E. Andersen, and W. Drexler, ”Simultaneous dual wavelength eye tracked ultrahigh resolution retinal and choroidal optical coherence tomography” Opt. Lett. 38, 4312-4315, 2013.
  3. O. B. Jensen and P. M. Petersen, “Single-frequency blue light generation by single-pass sum-frequency generation in a coupled ring cavity tapered laser”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 103, 141107, 2013.
  4. H. Liu, C. T. Xu, G. Dumlupinar, O. B. Jensen, P. E. Andersen, and S. Andersson-Engels, „Deep tissue optical imaging of upconverting nanoparticles enabled by exploiting higher intrinsic quantum yield through using millisecond single pulse excitation with high peak power”, Nanoscale, 5, 10034-10040, 2013.
  5. A. Müller, S. Marschall, O. B.  Jensen, J. Fricke, H. Wenzel, B. Sumpf, P. E. Andersen, „Diode laser based light sources for biomedical applications“, Laser & Photonics Reviews, 7, 605-627, 2013.
  6. A. Müller, O. B. Jensen, K.-H. Hasler, B. Sumpf, G. Erbert, P. E. Andersen, and P. M. Petersen, „Efficient concept for generation of diffraction-limited green light by sum-frequency generation of spectrally combined tapered diode lasers” Opt. Lett., 37, 3753, 2012.
  7. O. B. Jensen, P. E. Andersen, B. Sumpf, K.-H. Hasler, G. Erbert, and P. M. Petersen “1.5 W green light generation by single-pass second harmonic generation of a single-frequency tapered diode laser”, Opt. Express, 17, 6532, 2009.
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