Mikael Svalgaard

Mikael Svalgaard


M.Sc. in physics from University of Copenhagen (1993) with specialty in lasers and atomic physics. Ph.D. degree 1997 from Technical University of Denmark after studies of photosensitivity in Germanium doped silica and applications for fiber Bragg gratings, waveguides and lasers. Awarded 'Talent Grant' from National Research Council (STVF) in 1998 and 2000 for optical waveguide fabrication with UV laser writing. On leave 2001-2002 to supervise industrial implementation hereof in startup company, IONAS A/S. Recipient of annual 'Outstanding Young Scientist Award' from the Danish Optical Society in 2001. Conducted research on optical wavelength standards at National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA) in 1995 and 2003-2004. Since 2002 Associate Professor in nanophotonics with responsibility for semiconductor nanofabrication and waveguide measurement techniques. Presently involved in research project aimed at investigating quantum optical phenomena in solid state systems consisting of photonic crystals and quantum dots.


Grants and awards:

- 2003: NKT Integration A/S, equipment grant; 276.000 euro

- 2001: Danish Optical Society, 'Outstanding young scientist award'

- 2000: IONAS A/S, equipment grant; 107.000 euro

- 2000: National Research Council, principal investigator; 379.000 euro

- 1998: IONAS A/S, equipment grant; 281.000 euro

- 1998: National Research Council, principal investigator; 132.000 euro

- 1997: Alfred Nielsens foundation, postdoc; 50.000 euro

Peer reviewed publications:

- Journal papers: 17 (1 invited)

- Conference papers: 38 (5 invited)

- Number of citations ('ISI Web of Knowledge'): 193

- Patent applications: 2

Teaching experience:

- supervisor for eleven MSc. students during the past thirteen years

- supervisor for seven PhD. students during the past nine years

- responsible for DTU course 34040 - 'Integrated Optics', 5 ETCS points

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