Michele Mattei

Michele Mattei


Topic of thesis: Systematic Methodology for Design of Emulsion Based Chemical Products

Starting date: August 2011

Background: MSc in Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Development from Universitá degli Studi di Padova (Italy)

Supervisors: Rafiqul Gani, Georgios M. Kontogeorgis (KT-CERE)

The focus of this project is on the development of methods and tools for the design of emulsion based products.
An integrated methodology has been developed, consisting of three stages: the Problem Definition, a Model Based Stage for product synthesis and design, and an Experiment Based Stage for product validation and refinement.
The Problem Definition is in charge of identifying the consumer assessments, translating them into main and secondary needs, and then providing a list of target properties to be satisfied by the product, and of categories of ingredients to be included in the formulation. A reliable knowledge base has been developed in order to assist in this stage.
In the Model Based Stage, all the necessary ingredients of the formulation are selected from structured databases, thanks to dedicated algorithm and appropriate property models. First the active ingredients, responsible for the satisfaction of the main needs, are chosen, followed by the solvent mixture (consisting of an aqueous phase, an organic phase and a surfactant phase) and finally the additives, responsible for the satisfaction of the secondary needs.
The Experiment Based Stage, finally, validates the results obtained in the previous stage by performing dedicated experiments. In case the experiments performed do not validate, a list of action is provided, so that the formulation is changed according to the information collected at this stage.
Four case studies have been developed during the PhD project: a hand-wash and an ink-jet ink, where the whole methodology has been applied, and a UV sunscreen and a tank cleaning detergent, where only the first two stages have been applied.

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