Lisa Deleebeeck

Lisa Deleebeeck


Direct carbon fuel cells, hybrid molten carbonate-solid oxide fuel cells



Marc - Febr Ph.D. - DTU Energy Conversion and Storage
Sept - May H.B.Sc. - University of Toronto
May - Sept M.Sc. - University of Calgary

Academic grades



Professional experience

Janu - Octo Research Assistant (UofC) - Dr. Sharon Thomas, University of Calgary, Chemistry
Octo - Nove Research Assistant (UofC) - Dr. Viola Birss, University of Calgary, Chemistry


English, French, learning Danish


Use of suspended catalysts for the promotion of complete solid carbon oxidation in hybrid molten carbonate-solid oxide fuel cells (direct carbon/coal fuel cells): stability of oxides in molten carbonate systems

Technological, environmental and economic issues relating to the pre-commercialization of solid oxide fuel cells, specifically in a Canadian context: database creation, issues related to CO2 and H2O intensity, use in distributed generation, integration with carbon capture and storage, end of life, and financial/economic/policy issues.

Physical and electrochemical characterization of Ni-cermet and metal oxide based anode materials for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), specifically in low ppm H2S environments: perovskite synthesis, pXRD, ICP-AES, TGA (TPR), SEM-EDS, CV, EIS, 3-electrode SOFC electrochemical characterization, and use of H2S and H2.

Effect of (alkali) swellable emulsions on the annealing time/temperature of water-based architectural paints, studied by FRET: anion promoted polymerization/polymer synthesis, pH dependence of alkali swellable elmulsions, FRET

Vapour pressure determination of perfluorinated telomer alcohols: vapour pressure determination, HPLC-MS-MS

International experience

Prior work experience in Canada (English)

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