M.Sc., Microwave Engineering, Technical University of Denmark 1982.
Ph.D., Microwave Remote Sensing, Technical University of Denmark, 1991.


82-92 Research Assistent, Electromagnetics Institute, Technical University ofdenmark

93-00 Senior Research Engineer, Department of Electromagnetic Systems, Technical University of Denmark

01-Associate Professor, Ørsted*DTU, Technical University of Denmark

Remote sensing of sea ice
, Microwave radiometry, Microwave Remote Sensing, Sea ice modelling

LTP has 25 years experience in remote sensing and modeling of sea ice. Co-investigator in a number of sea-ice related projects including the Greenland Sea Project, European Subpolar Ocean projects (ESOP), the IMSI and IWICOS projects, the CONVECTION project, the PELICON and SEALION projects and the GreenICE, IOMASA , PolarView and DAMOCLES projects.

LTP has been the chief designer of the popular ice/weather/ocean data distribution systemat Danish Space Center-DTU.

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    Local database


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