Kristian Fog Nielsen

Kristian Fog Nielsen

Associate Professor

Søltofts Plads

Building: 221, 122

2800 Kgs. Lyngby


Phone: 45252602

Fax: 45884922

I’m working in the in the interface between microbiology and analytical chemistry, with an emphasis on microbial signalling (including toxins) via small molecules (< 3000 Da).


Currently I'm heading the Metabolomics platform and the Microbial Metabolomics group both at Department of Systems Biology.

My main working areas are

  • Secondary metabolites from Aspergillus, Trichoderma, Fusarium, Penicillium, Bacillus, and marine bacteria
  • Safety aspects of industrial microorganisms with a focus of microbial and fungal (mycotoxins) - what can they produce
  • UHPLC-HRMS Lipidomics
  • Trace analytical methods for mycotoxins and other microbial toxins in food, feed and other environmental sample types.
  • Intracellular metabolisme (MS based) in yeast, Bacillus, lactic acid bacteria, Aspergillus, actinomycetes, with a focus on phosphorylated metabolittes (ATP, sugar phosphates, NAD, FAD, NADPH, redow nucelotides, signalling nucelotides as c-di-GMP ........)
  • Massspectrometric identification methods for novel and known metabolites based on database searching
  • Tandem massespektrometric libraries

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Analytical chemistry: chromatography and mass spectrometry, sample prep

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    ISI indexed (2013): ISI indexed no

    Central database


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