Kresten Ole Kusk

Kresten Ole Kusk

Professor emeritus

Building: 115, 209


Phone: 45252287Fax: 45932850

Kresten Kusk (KOK), Lic. Scient. in biology and Associate Professor in ecotoxicology at Deptartment of Environmental Engineering (DTU Environment), DTU.


He’s a specialist in effects of polluted surface water, waste water and xenobiotic chemicals on aquatic organisms, distribution of chemical substances in the environment, and environmental risk assessment of chemicals. KOK has extended experience in literature search of characteristics of organic and inorganic chemical substances and their ecotoxicological effects. He works with cultivation algae and crustaceans in the laboratory and is a specialist i algal physiology and endocrine systems i crustaceans. He has participated in standardisation of ecotoxicological methods within ISO and OECD, and in research project in Denmark and EU, projects with industry and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency e.g. endocrine disrupters, pesticides, biocides, heavy metals. KOK during the last years cooperated with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency about development of a QSAR model for prediction of toxic effects of chemical on algae. Results from research are continuously published in international scientific journals and presented at scientific conferences. KOK is the coordinator of the research group Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry and he’s a board member of the research school RECETO and for Center for Endocrine Disrupters.




1970 - 1978 Bíology - Copenhagen University

Academic grades

Lic. Scient.

Professional experience

1981 - 1991 Consultant (WQI) - Water Quality Institute

International experience

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