Johan Sebastian Rosenkilde Nielsen

Johan Sebastian Rosenkilde Nielsen

Assistant Professor


Building: 303b, 146

2800 Kgs. Lyngby


Phone: 45253066

Primary research field:
Algebraic coding theory, including abstract algebra, number theory and algorithmics

Other fields of interest:
Complexity analysis, Computer-algebra systems (Sage), Logic, Programming languages, Compilation and optimisation, Language and protocol analysis (for correctness and security aspects)

Education: M.Sc. in Informatics (DTU, 2010)

Error correcting codes is a method for protecting data sent via a fallacious channel; this could e.g. be an airborne radio signal, disrupted by atmospheric noise, or a CD with scratches. In order to increase the likelihood of the message arriving at the receiver, it is "encoded" to a longer - slightly redundant - stream, which makes the receiver capable of "decoding" the stream when only a few errors are present. The hardest problem - and the most beautiful mathematics - arise when investigating how the receiver quickly and provably succeeds in decoding.

I am working with error correcting codes in a digitalised model. This quickly leads to discrete abstract algebra and number theory, and error correcting codes simultaneously draws from and improves these fields. Computational complexity and algorithmics are other fields which must be utilised. Conversely - and surprisingly - many of the foundational questions of these utilised "pure" fields have interpretations and solutions in the theory of error correcting codes.

Preprints of articles as well as my master's thesis can be found on my webpage

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