Jørgen Nørgaard

Jørgen Nørgaard

Associate professor, emeritus


Building: 118, 216

2800 Kgs. Lyngby


Phone: 45251933Fax: 45934430
Researcher and teacher for 35 years on energy conservation and other solutions to environmental problems, most of the time at DTU. Background includes practical education as mechanics 1955, MS in Engineering 1963, PhD in Applied Physics 1967. Post Doctoral Fellow at Catholic University, Washington DC, USA 1969-71. Research Fellow at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA 1973-74. Since 1972 work has been around energy consumption and how to reduce it with environmental as well as human benefits. Technological options have been investigated in specific micro cases. Most efforts, however, has been, through energy planning and scenario analyses, to demonstrate potentials for energy conservation on a macro level, for instance in Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe. Results have been disseminated internationally through numerous articles, books, scientific conferences, seminars, talks and advises to governments, UNDP, NGOs, University faculties, etc. around the world. Have been member of various energy related Danish government committees and councils. Widespread international professional network maintained from the dawn of the environmental awareness in the 1970s. Member of the Balaton Group, an international environmental organization of ca. 200 scientists and managers.



1958 - 1963 M. Sc. Eng. - Technical University of Denmark
1963 - 1967 Ph.D. - Technical University of Denmark

Academic grades

M.Sc. Eng.


Professional experience

1967 - 1969 Research Assistant - Technical University of Denmark, Department of Mechanical Engineering
1969 - 1971 Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Catholic University, Washington D.C., USA, Department of Engineering
1971 - 1974 Research Assistant - Technical University of Denmark, Applied Physics
1973 - 1974 Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA, Thayer School of Engineering
1974 - 1996 Associate professor - Technical University of Denmark, Department of Physics
1996 - 2001 Associate professor (IBE) - Technical University of Denmark, Department of Buildings and Energy
2001 - 2003 Associate professor (BYG.DTU) - Technical University of Denmark, Department of Civil Engineering
2003 - ? Associate professor emeritus (BYG.DTU) - Technical University of Denmark, Department of Civil Engineering


Danish, mother tounge, English, oral and reading good, writing rather good, German, reading reasonable, oral and writing poor, Spanish, reading possible, oral and writing poor

International experience

Part of an en extensive and intensive network of scientists within my various fields around the world. Member of Balaton Group, an international group of around 200 scientists, etc., meeting every year at lake Balaton, Hungary. UNDP adviser for 5 month in 2002 to Chinese government on establishing an energy saving policy. Head of international project on electricity saving scenarios for Western Europe,1988-92. Participated in 1976 in the project and book "Goals for Mankind", initiated by the Club of Rome. Partner in Nordic project on sustainable energy system for Nordic countries. Numerous activities on conference participation, advising, lecturing, etc. around the world, including Japan, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Russia, Hungary USA, Brasil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ghana, Fiji, etc.

Other information

Chairman of the independent Danish Ecological Council from its start in 1991 - 1996. Member of Danish Government's Electricity Saving Trust from its start in 1997-2003. Member of various Danish Government's research committees on energy savings, etc. Invited in 1982 by the Australian Ministry of Education to travel around in the country for 3 months, lecturing, advising,etc. 50 minutes TV-portrait program in Japanese National TV in 2001 in serie of 'Pioneers of the 21th century', plus 40 minutes TV interview on sustainable economics in 2002.
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