Jakob Krause Haaber

Jakob Krause Haaber


Jakob Haaber is doing research on multi-stress resistance and nucleotide metabolism in Lactococcus lactis. It is known that starvation for guanosine phosphates (GMP/GDP/GTP) leads to improved survival of lactococci under pH- and temperature stress. Jakob Haaber’s research is focused on the mechanisms leading to this multi-stress resistance. This involves modulation of gene expression of the enzymes in the biosynthesis pathway for the guanosine phosphates.

Another part of Jakob Haaber’s research is focused on bacteriophages (phages), which are viruses that attack bacteria. Phages constitute a large problem for the dairy industry that uses lactic acid bacteria to ferment milk in the manufacturing of e.g. cheese and yoghurt. Fermentation is a non-sterile process and the bacterial production strains are regularly killed by phages thereby halting the fermentation. Jakob Haaber’s research is focused on phage resistance mechanisms of the abortive infection type. He has discovered and characterized a novel protein (AbiV) that protects the bacteria against many of the phage species causing problems for the dairy industry.  

Phages can also be used for phage therapy to control the increasing amount of pathogenic bacteria that are becoming multi-resistant to all known antibiotics. Jakob Haaber’s research is in the branch of phage therapy that utilizes specific phage proteins with antimicrobial properties instead of using complete phage particles. His interest is focused on the molecular mechanisms that inhibit the bacterial pathogen and which may create the foundation for future development of new antibiotics.




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  • Applied and Environmental Microbiology

    ISSNs: 0099-2240, 0099-2240

    Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1070-6291

    American Society for Microbiology, United States

    BFI (2017): BFI-level 2, Scopus rating (2016): CiteScore 4.08, ISI indexed (2013): ISI indexed yes, Web of Science (2017): Indexed yes

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