Ines Pereira Rosinha Grundtvig

Ines Pereira Rosinha Grundtvig


Building: 227, 240


Phone: 45252993


Topic of thesis: Topology optimization in biocatalytic reactions using miniaturized reactors

Starting date: November 2012

Background: M. Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon

Supervisors: Ulrich Krühne, John M. Woodley, Krist V. Gernaey, Anders Daugaard

Project description: Biocatalytic processes seem to be the alternative route for adressing global challenges of the chemical synthesis of intermediates for pharmaceutical products. Most of the biocatalytic reactions take place under unfavourable equilibrium conditions such as product and reactant inhibition. This project will focus on the development of microbioreactor configurations and the optimization of the spatial distribution of immobilized enzymes in order to overcome this limitation. The strategy to select the reactor will be different from what is done usually. Instead of adapting the process to a well-known reactor shape, a topology optimization method will be used to find the reactor shape with best performance. This reactor will be fabricated and tested in laboratory. This project has also the aim to investigate whether the spatial distribution of immobilized enzymes on the reactor surface can contribute significantly to improve reactor performance. 

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  • Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quarterly

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    Hrvastsko Drustvo Kemijskih Inzenjera i Tehnologa, Croatia

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    ISI indexed (2013): ISI indexed no, Scopus rating (2015): 0.344 0.402

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