Helle Bisgaard Korsgaard

Helle Bisgaard Korsgaard

Senior Academic Officer

Mørkhøj Bygade 19

Building: C, 151D

2860 Søborg


Phone: 35887082

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Zoonoses are infections and diseases that are transmissible from animals to humans. The infection can be acquired directly from animals, but mostly from contaminated foodstuffs. The severity of these diseases in humans varies from mild symptoms to life-threatening conditions. In order to prevent zoonoses from occurring, it is important to identify which animals and foodstuffs are the main sources of infections.

My research focuses on human disease burden caused by food borne pathogens. Using different modelling techniques, I estimate numbers of human cases attributed to specific food sources, the associated cost to society including lost production (COI estimates) or total lost life-years adjusted for disability (DALY estimates). In addition, I also assist in qualitative risk assessment and risk ranking in relation to zoonoses in animal production systems, foods or humans.

A main responsibility is to give scientifically-based advice and prepare reports to veterinary and food authorities, farmers’ and consumers organisations, and international organisations such as EFSA and the EU Commission. I am co-editor of the annual report on antimicrobial resistance and consumption in Denmark (DANMAP), and have been project manager and author of several reports on zoonoses in EU. Member of EFSA Emerging Risks network.




1995 - 1999 PhD in Terrestrial Ecology - University of Copenhagen
1988 - 1995 MSc in Biology - University of Copenhagen

Academic grades



Professional experience

2007 - Scientist - DTU - National Food Institute, Division of Epidemology and Microbial Genomics, Danish Zoonosis Centre
1995 - 2000 Teaching assistant - University of Copenhagen, Institute of Zoology, Department of Terrestrial Ecology
1995 - 1999 Phd. Student - University of Copenhagen, Institute of Zoology, Department of Terrestrial Ecology
1999 - 2000 Post Doc - University of Copenhagen, Institute of Zoology, Department of Terrestrial Ecology
2001 - 2003 Scientist - Danish Veterinary Institute, Danish Zoonosis Centre
2004 - 2006 Scientist - Danish Institute for Food and Veterinary Research (formed by a merger of Danish Veterinary Institute and Danish Institute for Food Safety and Nutrition), Department of Epidemiology and Risk Assessment, Danish Zoonosis Centre


English, Danish


Helle Korsgaard has worked as an epidemiologist and project manager at DTU Food for 13 years, and has acquired a considerable experience in managing projects. She acts as scientific advisor for the Danish National Food Authorities and conducts research in microbiological food safety, quantitative risk assessment and risk ranking in relation to national monitoring and control of zoonoses in animals, food and humans. Since 2010, co-editor of DANMAP, the Danish surveillance report on antimicrobial resistance in animals, food and humans. She has also worked with disease burden models of food borne zoonoses in co-operation with Statens Serum institute. Since 2005, Helle Korsgaard has been part of the management team responsible for preparation of the EU report on trends and sources on Zoonoses, Zoonotic agents and food-borne outbreaks during (2004-2009 and 2012-2013 reports). She is experienced in data management, trend analysis and tabulation of data. The Danish representative in EFSA’s Network on Emerging Risks.

International experience

2014: Project management, writing and editing chapters the EU Summary report on Zoonoses 2012, and Antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella and Enterococcus (EFSA).

2013 - : Critical review of methodology and application of risk ranking for prioritisationof food and feed related issues, on the basis of the size of anticipated health impact. Review of risk ranking papers regarding disease burden (DALY/QALY) and nutrition (EFSA).

2013: Project management, writing and editing Salmonella and Listeria chapters the EU Summary report on Zoonoses 2012 (EFSA).

2012 - : Emerging Risks Exchange Network (EFSA).

2011; Data management and writing report on analyses of data on microbiological contaminants in food in EU in years 2004-2009 (EFSA)

2008-2009: Working group on monitoring Community trends in zoonotic agents in foodstuffs and animal populations (EFSA).

2005-2010: project management, writing and editing the EU Summary report on Zoonoses (EFSA).

2004-2012: Participant in the MedVetNet work package on prioritizing foodborne and zoonotic hazards at the EU level.

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