Hande Bozkurt

Hande Bozkurt

PhD student

Søltofts Plads, Building 227, Room 206

2800 Lyngby


Phone: 45255510

Topic of thesis: Computer-aided framework for synthesis, design and retrofit of wastewater treatment plant layouts 

Starting date: December 2011

Background:  M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Supervisors: Gürkan Sin and Krist Gernaey

This project proposes the development of a computer-aided tool for synthesis, design, retrofit and optimization of WWTP layouts. The tool includes development of a database of existing wastewater treatment technologies, an algorithm based on mixed integer (non)linear programming (MI(N)LP) to generate and identify the WWTP network alternatives at the early stage project development studies. The methodology is based on the optimization of a superstructure representing different alternatives for primary, secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment units of physical, chemical and biological technologies, as well as for sludge and side stream treatment units. It is planned to handle multi-criteria optimization problems to include effluent quality (environmental metrics), economic metrics (e.g. cost) and also sustainability metrics (such as energy efficiency and carbon footprint). It also includes the uncertainties in changing wastewater characteristics, legislation regarding effluent wastewater discharge criteria and cost parameters. The objective function, which represents the capital and operation cost, covers prices for wastewater/sludge effluents, utilities and wastes together with the installation costs. Finally, the MI(N)LP that was formulated in the study is solved to determine;

-          The optimal wastewater treatment network,

-          The optimal wastewater and sludge flow through the network,

-          The value of the objective function with cost breakdown.

Last but not least, the toolbox is evaluated for case studies focusing on designing/retrofitting wastewater treatment networks for a known wastewater characterization.

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