Erik Mosekilde

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  1. Completed

    A quantitative description of subcutaneos injections: from needle to clinical effect

    Rasmussen, C. H., Colding-Jørgensen, M., Thirstrup, S., Mosekilde, E., Knudsen, C., Frøkjær, S., Rowland, M. & Berg-Sørensen, K.


    Project: PhD

  2. Completed

    Project: PhD

  3. Completed
  4. Completed

    Project: PhD

  5. Completed
  6. Completed
  7. Completed

    A new way to test beta cell functionality in health and diabetes

    Korsgaard, T. V., Colding-Jørgensen, M., Mosekilde, E., Madsbad, S., Westerhoff, H. V. & Berg-Sørensen, K.


    Project: PhD

  8. Completed
  9. Completed

    The Balance between Glucose and Lipid Metabolism in Lean, Obese and Diabetic Persons. A Biosomulation Approach

    Hallgreen, C. E., Colding-Jørgensen, M., Mosekilde, E., Miles, J. M., Thirstrup, S. & Knudsen, C.


    Project: PhD

  10. Project

  11. Completed
  12. Completed
  13. Completed
  14. Dmitry Postnov

    Mosekilde, E. & Postnov, D.



  15. Completed
  16. Completed
  17. Completed

    Project: PhD

  18. Completed

    Modelling of Glucose-Clamp

    Groth, A. V., Thomsen, M. S., Ingwersen, S. H., Mosekilde, E., Sturis, J., Heinemann, L. & Knudsen, C.


    Project: PhD

  19. Completed

    Physiology-Based Modelling in Drug Development

    Diderichsen, P. M., Colding-Jørgensen, M., Mosekilde, E., Rinzel, J., Proks, P. & Knudsen, C.


    Project: PhD

  20. Completed

    Glucose Homeostasis A Biosimulation Approach

    Hansen, R. N., Colding-Jørgensen, M., Mosekilde, E., Bakker, B. M., Sørensen, P. G. & Knudsen, C.


    Project: PhD

  21. Completed

    Populations of Dynamical Systems for Interacting Living Cells and Complex Systems

    D'ovidio, F., Porati, A., Mosekilde, E., Sørensen, P. G., Hjorth, P. G., Westerhoff, H. V. & Tass, P. A.


    Project: PhD

  22. Completed

    Modellering af hurtige oscillationer i køblede beta-celler

    Luciani, D. S., Polonsky, K. S., Sturis, J., Misler, S., Mosekilde, E., Arkhammar, P. O. G., Krippeit-Drews, P. & Knudsen, C.


    Project: PhD

  23. Completed

    Bifurcations and Chaos in piecewise Smooth Dynamical Systems

    Mosekilde, E., Zhusubaliyev, Z. & Soukhoterin, E.

    01/01/00 → …


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