Erik Mosekilde

Erik Mosekilde


Erik Mosekilde is Professor in Biological Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics and Coordinator of the EU-sponsored Network of Excellence in Biosimulation – A New Tool in Drug Development (BioSim). The purpose of this network is to demonstrate how the use of mechanism-based simulation models can contribute towards a more rational exploitation of the information available in biomedical research as well as in the pharmaceutical industry.


In the area of nonlinear dynamics, Erik Mosekilde has contributed through detailed bifurcation analysis of a variety of realistic technical problems, including power electronic DC/DC converters and systems of coupled chaotic oscillators.



1959 - 1966 M. Sc. in Electrical Engineering - Technical University of Denmark
1966 - 1968 PhD - Technical University of Denmark
- 1977 Dr. of Science - University of Copenhagen

Academic grades

Dr. of Science

Professional experience

1972 - 2000 Associate Professor in Physics - Technical University of Denmark, Department of Physics
2000 - Professor (DTU Physics) - Technical University of Denmark, Department of Physics



International experience

Erik Mosekilde has been visiting researcher or guest professor at:


 1999 National Aerospace Laboratory, Tokyo

1992 Institute of Control Engineering, University of Sevilla

1991 and 1993 Department of Medicine, University of Chicago

1991Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Stuttgart

1991 Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Nice

1990 Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston

1989, 1990 and 1994 Institute of Physical Chemistry, Free University of Brussels

1989 Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Edvarda Kardelj University, Ljubljana

1986 and 1990 Inst. of Control Engineering, Academy of Mining and Metallurgy, Krakow

1986 Department for Petroleum-Economics, Chr. Michelsens Institute, Bergen

1985 Rockefeller College, State University of New York at Albany, New York

1981 and 1982 Resource Policy Group, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire

1977 and 1978 System Dynamics Group, Norwegian Academy of Technical Sciences, Oslo

1971 IBM Thomas J.  Watson Research Center, New York


  • Invited speaker to various international conferences and workshops

Other information

Erik Mosekilde is presently:  

Member of the Danish Academy of Natural Sciences
Coordinator of a European Network of Excellence in Biosimulation


  • King Christian X Award (1957-59), for acknowledgable high school performance.
  • Tuborg Jubilee Prize (1981), for innovative research in modeling of economic and biological systems.
  • J.W. Forrester Award (1986), for work on chaotic phenomena in social and biological systems.
  • Statoil Prize (1990), for work on new types of instabilities in physical, technical, economic, and biological systems.
  • WE Heraeus Stipend (1992) to work on self-organizing processes and biological structure formation.
  • Japanese Government Research Award for Foreign Specialists (1998) to work on transonic flutter in aircraft wings.
  • Visiting Professorship at Newcastle Business School and University of Northumbria (1999-2009).

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