M.Sc.Eng. and PhD in the field of thermal energy systems.

During my engineering education the connecting thread have been design and optimization of thermal energy systems in general, but I have focused on fuel cell systems which I worked with both theoretically and practically.

I contributed to the making of a hydrogen fuelled fuel cell (PEMFC) vehicle called DTU Dynamo through propulsion system design and construction. The purpose of the project was to develop as fuel efficient a vehicle as possible and compete against others. The vehicle won the Shell Eco Marathon competition two years in a row (2005+2006) with fuel efficiency records of 671 km/L and 810 km/L (gasoline equivalent).
The work on the propulsion system resulted in a patent filed invention concerning a new no loss hydrogen system. The patent application was unfortunately rejected because of another just earlier patent filing with a like system design but with another purpose. [cf. European patent application EP1796197, A system for generating electrical power using fuel cells and an improved method for generating electrical power using fuel cells, published 2007-06-13]

My master's thesis concerned emission reduction from a direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) system in cooperation with the Danish fuel cell company IRD A/S.

My PhD work focused on combining thermal biomass gasification and high-temperature fuel cells (SOFCs) for efficient combined heat and power production. This was done in a modelling study.

My postdoctoral research will address more advanced plant configurations of hybrid gasifier and SOFC plants. Furthermore, experimental investigations of long-term operation of SOFCs fuelled with product gas from two-stage gasification of biomass will be conducted.

Specialties: Design and optimization of thermal energy systems, applied thermodynamics, simulation and modelling, exergy analysis, thermoeconomics, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, gasification, fuel cells and fuel cell systems.


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