Charlotte Vibeke Smit

Charlotte Vibeke Smit




I am a three time emigrant/immigrant - back and forth between Denmark and the United States. I have - in effect - started my life over three times. In Denmark I am a Foreign Dane and in the United States I am an Alien.

Along the way, I have aquired a BA in Anthropology from the State University of New York, College at New Paltz, New York and several diplomas in the general areas of Graphic Design, Journalism and Communication. I have had many  "insignificant" jobs and also a few significant ones. I've been a graphic artist in a small Presentation Studio and later, I did news graphics for the TV2 news desk. And now I am happy to be the communication officer at DTU Fotonik.


Language Skills

I have lived with the English language for most of my life: kindergarten in Libya, higher education, work, marriage, and children in the USA. With more than 25 (adult) years of daily use of the English language, my proficiency in it is very close to the native level. I could not explain why a sentence is correct or incorrect, but I can hear it.

If my Danish language is number one, my English language is one and a quarter. And German, French and Spanish would be floating around together at eight or so. :-)


Accomplishments at DTU Fotonik

Optiske horisonter - på kommunikationsteknologiens vinger, a book for high school level physics classes.

Beyond Optical Horizons - a book for BSc Students wherein Scientsts fantasize about how their current work might affect the future 25 years from now. In print and on DVD.

Many postcards, flyers, booklets, T-shirts and posters

Website - external and internal. Upkeep and content.

New Stories for web and for press release

Monthly newsletter since 2004

PR for Summer Schools and other events

Four Annual Reports

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