Charlotte Bay Hasager

Charlotte Bay Hasager

Senior Scientist

Department of Wind Energy Risø Campus Frederiksborgvej 399, P.O. Box 49 Bygning 118

Building: 125, null

4000 Roskilde


Phone: 46775014Mobile: 21327328


Technical University of Denmark

Department of Wind Energy
Risø Campus

Frederiksborgvej 399, P.O. Box 49

Building 118

DK-4000  Roskilde, Denmark

Direct tel.: +45 46775014



Key Research Topics

Research in offshore winds using satellite and ground-based remote sensing for wind profiles, wind power meteorology, wind resources, and turbulence.  Experimental field work and theoretical work on atmospheric boundary layer structure and dynamics over heterogeneous land, coast and sea. Micro-meteorology, data analysis, statistics, and satellite remote sensing image processing.

International experience

Science Management Experience

Scientific managerEuropean Energy Research Alliance –Design Tools for Offshore Wind Farm Clusters (EERA-DTOC) (EU Energy FP7), 2012-2015, 4000kEuro

Co-ordinator (PI) Winds in Bengal Bay (CWET, India), 2010-2011, 62 kUS$, 2 pers.

Local co-ordinator EU Norsewind(EU TREN FP7), 2008-2012, 547 kEuro, 63 mm, 15 pers.

Co-ordinator (PI)Galathea-undervisning (UVM), 2009-2011, 600 kDKK, 4 mm, 10 pers.

Co-ordinator (PI)VirtuelGalathea3-S (UVM) 2009-2010 225 kDKK

Local co-ordinator Climate Change Adaption(ESA), 2009, 125 kDKK, 1 mm

Co-ordinator (PI)VirtuelGalathea3 (UVM) 2007-2011, 4500 kDKK, 41 mm, 20 pers.

Co-ordinator(PI) Multimedie for VirtuelGalathea3 UVM, 2007-2008, 500 kDKK, 6 mm, 5 pers.

Local co-ordinatorPower Grid (ESA),  2007, 150kDKK, 2 mm, 2 pers.

Co-ordinator (PI) ESA EO-3729 for ESA/JAXA (ADEN) ALOS PALSAR, year 2007-2010

Co-ordinator(PI) ESA EO-3644 for ESA Envisat ASAR and ERS, year 2006-2010

Co-PITerra-X Tandem for DLR, X-band SAR, year 2007-2008

Co-ordinator(PI) Satellite Eye Galathea 3 (Egmont Fonden), 2006-8, 5000 kDKK, 65 mm, 9 pers.

Co-ordinator(PI) SAT-WIND-SMV (Danish Strategic Res. C.), 2005-6, 472 kDKK ,7 mm, 5 pers.

Co-ordinator(PI) 12MW (Danish Strategic Res. Coun.), 2005-2008, 2500 kDKK, 60 mm, 9 pers.

Co-ordinator(PI) SAT-WIND (Danish Technical Res.C.), 2004-2006, 1200 kDKK, 16 mm, 7 pers.

Local co-ordinator EO-WINDFARM (ESA 17736/03/I-IW), 2003-6,2676 kDKK, 16 mm, 5 pers.

Local co-ordinator SNF-FLUX (Danish Research Council), 2005-2007, 391 kDKK, 2 mm, 4 pers.

Co-ordinator(PI) SAR-WAKE airborne campaign (Danish Tech. Res. C.), 2003-4, 540 kDKK,  

Local co-ordinator EO-FLUX-BUDGET (Danish Res. C.), 2001-2003, 303 kDKK, 6 mm, 4 pers.

Local co-ordinator WEMSAR (EU ERK6-CT-1999-00017), 2000-3,2676 kDKK, 27 mm, 8 pers.

Local co-ordinator WATERMED (ICA3-CT-1999-00015), 2000-2003,30 kEuro, 6 mm, 3 pers.

Work-package leader MEAD (EU EVK3-CT-1999-00014), 2000-2003, 65 kEuro,13 mm, 10 pers.

Co-ordinator (PI) SAT-MAP-CLIMATE (Danish Res. C.) 1999-3,1000 kDKK, 18 mm,8 pers.


Scientific work in on-going projects (in addition to those listed above):

EU-Marina(2010-2014, Grant 241402) responsible for site conditions wind and waves for combined wind-wave energy converters. EU-OFF.E.R (2010-2012, regional EU grant) responsible for wind atlas for South Baltic for business development. ICEWIND (2010-2015, Nordic Energy Research, TFI-PK int 01) responsible for Icelandic winds. Projects in Japan (2008-2010), China (2009-2010). Earth Observation water resources (2009-2012, FTP 274-08-0380) surface fluxes.


Education and outreach:

Coordinating PhD Summer School: Remote Sensing in Wind Energy (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011). Coordinating Offshore Course (commercial for industry) (2010). PhD supervisor (3), co (2), opponent (3). External examiner M.Sc. (26), B.Sc. (42). Coordinating VirtuelGalathea 3 on education from most of the 50 science projects of Galathea –collaborates with scientists, journalists, teachers. Responsible for website: with 10.000 unique visitors per month.



H-index is 12. Citations 399.

Other information


2012- date  Senior Scientist, DTU Wind Energy

2001–2011 Senior Scientist, Risø DTU

1993–2001 Research Assistant, Ph.D.-student, PostDoc, Scientist, Risø DTU

1995           Visiting scholar, Department of Meteorology, Pennsylvania State University, USA

1990–1992 University Teacher, University of Copenhagen (statistics and climate)

Other Assignments

  • President for Atmospheric Sciences Division, European Geosciences Union, 2007–2011
  • Guest-editor, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (Eyjafjallajökull eruption), 2010–2012
  • Co-chair for Wind Energy Community of Practice, GEOSS 2005–
  • Member of the steering committee for the Danish Space Consortium, 2005–2010
  • Guest-editor, Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 2004–2005
  • External examiner, University of Copenhagen, Roskilde and Aalborg Univ. Centres, 1997–
  • Evaluator for FP6, FP7.

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