Bo Madsen

Bo Madsen

Senior Scientist

Frederiksborgvej 399

Building: 228, S32

4000 Roskilde


Phone: 46775885Mobile: 23673061

Field of interest:


Composite materials, physical/mechanical properties and characteristics. Experiments and modelling (micromechanical and analytical). Special interest in new types of fibre and matrix materials, in particular natural fibres and biopolymeric matrices. Manufacturing conditions and materials properties. Microstructure, volumetric composition, moisture sorption, mechanical properties.


Student projects within bio-based composites



  • “Composite materials and fibres”, no 46420. 5 ECTS.  Annual semester course. 2008/09/10/11/12/13/14.
  • “Manufacturing and control of advanced fibre composites”, no 45203. 5 ECTS.  Annual three week course. 2008/09.   
  • “Fibre composites with a polymer matrix”, no CK-VAF4, University of Southern Denmark. 5 ECTS. Annual semester course. 2006/07/08/09.
  • “Wood technology”, no 11567, Department of Civil Engineering. 5 ECTS. Annual semester course. 2001/02/03/04/05. One lecture per course.

Learning and teaching course at DTU, “Teaching Education in University Teaching at DTU” (UDTU). 4 Modules, 2010-12. 


Pedagogic coordinator for the teaching activities at DTU Wind Energy.



  • Catherine L. Lester, "Natural fiber defects: quantification using image analysis and effect on mechanical properties", 2015, MSc.
  • Beata R. Wojtyszyn, "Materials density measurements and uncertainty analysis using gas pycnometry to support research on composite materials", 2015. MSc.
  • Hanne Hauge, "Commercial application of carbon/glass hybrid composites", 2015, BSc.
  • Spyridon G. Drosos, “Mechanical behaviour of natural fibre yarns for biocomposites reinforcement”, 2013. MSc.
  • Ulrich A. Mortensen, "Study of defects in natural fibres and their effect on natural composites", 2013. BSc.
  • Henrik Klüwer Dahl-Hansen, "Study of process parameters and characteristics of mineral fibres", 2013. MSc.
  • Ruben Buelga Sanchez, “Mechanical and electrical properties of three-phase composite materials”, 2012. MSc.
  • Luca Pignatti and Federico Bottoli, “Design and processing of structural components in biocomposite materials - Case study: Rotor blade for wind turbine cars”, 2011. MSc.
  • Morten Rask, “Microstructure and fracture mechanical properties of aligned natural fibre composites”, 2009 – 2012. PhD.
  • Mustafa Aslan, “Characterization and modelling of wood fibre composites”, 2008 – 2011. PhD.
  • Shahid Mehmood, “Properties and performance of flax-yarn/LPET composites”, 2010. MSc.
  • Luca Pegoraro, “Investigations of the influence from the manufacturing process and the resulting microstructures on mechanical properties of biocomposites”, 2010. MSc.
  • Troels Bach Nielsen, “Fracture mechanical characterization and modelling of bio-based fibre composites”, 2009. MSc.
  • Shahid Mehmood,  “Quantification of defects in natural fibres”, 2009. BSc.
  • Louise Løcke Laursen and Alexandra Løvdal, “Mekanisk karakterisering af biopolymerer”, 2009. BSc.
  • Lasse Svensson, “Biokompositter til anvendelse i møbelproduktion”, 2005. BSc.


Projects, recent:

  • “Industrial production processes for nanoreinforced composite structures” (INCOM). 2013-2017, 48 months. EU 7th Framework Programme, Collaborative Project. Coordinated by VTT, Finland. 13 partners.
  • Visiting scientist (Yosuke Ueki) from Hitachi, Japan. 2014. 12 months. Work within fatigue testing and analysis of natural fibre composites.
  • ”High quality cellulosic fibres for strong biocomposite materials” (CelFiMat). 2013-2015, 36 months. 6 partners. The Danish Council for Independent Research, Technology and Production Sciences.  Coordinated by DTU Chemical Engineering.
  • “Innovative advanced wood-based composite materials and components” (WOODY). 2009 - 2012, 48 months. EU 7th Framework Programme, Collaborative Project. Coordinated by Cetma, Italy. 19 partners.
  • “Natural aligned fibres and textiles for use in structural composite applications” (NATEX). 2008 - 2012, 42 months. EU 7th Framework Programme, Collaborative Project. Coordinated by Aimplas, Spain. 17 partners.


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