Annette Petersen

Annette Petersen

Senior Adviser


Building: 201, 006

2800 Kgs. Lyngby


Mobile: 93518930Fax: 35887448
I do scientific based advising to primarily the National Food Administration and Danish Environmental Protection Agency. This work is done primarily within pesticides and MRL setting. The work includes evaluation of data, and evaluation of exceed of the MRLs found in the Danish control.

An important part of the work is the risk assessment of the MRLs that is performed by EFSA with the help of the Member States.

In the risk assessment is included an intake calculation and the intake is compared with the ADI/ARfD. I therefore have a great knowledge and experience in performing intake calculations not only for pesticides but also for other substances as mycotoxins and PAHs.

Normally the intake is calculated by deterministic methods but my work also includes research with probabilistic modelling. I participate in EU-research projects where the probabilistic models are used (SAFEFODS and BENERIS).

Another research area is development of models for the cumulative intake e.g. for endocrine disruptors. I participate in a Danish research programme with pesticides acting as endocrine disruptors. Today there is no common agreement on how to perform cumulative intake calculations.


Academic grades

M.Sc. Engineering (Chemistry)

Professional experience

1987 - - DTU Fødevareinstituttet


Scientific based advising for pesticides, nationally and internationally. Nationally, especially the Danish Food Administration and the Danish Environmental Agency. Internally especially EFSA.

Reports on MRL setting for pesticides in the EU.

Intake calculations and risk assessments for MRLs on pesticides as well as for other substances e.g mycotoxins and PAHs.

Preparing EU-monographs for pesticides, the residue part and the analytical methods part. As well as participation in expert meetings in EFSA concerning and the preparing proposal for EU harmonised MRLs for the substances.

Participant in EU meetings: Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health (SCoF-CAH), Working Group ”Pesticides – Residues”.

Participant in EU expert meetings concerning different topics.

Participating in EFSA working groups on IESTI equation and the peer-review process for pesti-cides.

Education of students by giving lectures concerning intake calculations, risk assessment, pesti-cides and MRL setting.
Member of the PPR Panel in EFSA
Referee for Food Additives and Contaminants and as well as Food Chemical and Toxicology.

Other information

Research projects:

Research on the use of probabilistic models in cumulative risk assessment of the dietary intake of pesticides.


Developmental toxicity effects in experimental animals after mixed exposure to endocrine disrupt-ing pesticides. Co-operation with Department of Toxicology and Risk assessment (funded by Dan-ish EPA).

MET-Safe: Metal accumulation and food safety in waste-water-fed aquatic production systems in Cambodia and Vietnam. Co-operation with University of Copenhagen.
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