Anne Wingstrand

Anne Wingstrand

Senior Reseacher

Mørkhøj Bygade 19, Building H, Room 114

2860 Søborg


Phone: 35887098

Mobile: 40211468

Fax: 35887028

My primary working area is monitoring and control of zoonoses, ie. diseases transmissible between animals and humans. Denmark has a long history of zoonoses monitoring and control and many monitoring data from the entire food chain from farm to fork. In my work I collate and interpret these data for the use in the attempts to reduce the number of people who get sick from food-borne infections such as Salmonella and Campylobacter.

I summarize and process the data and use the results for example. to provide advice to authorities in connection with the establishment and adjustment of action plans against zoonoses and evaluation of action plans. Data from zoonoses are also a key data source in the department's research.

My research is on risk factors for zoonoses in humans and domestic animals and methods for prevention and control of these infections. The research includes eg. risk assessment and a variety of epidemiological methods, including case-control studies.

Finally, I work with the tracing of sources of foodborne outbreaks in humans.




1977 - 1984 DVM - Royal Veteriary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark
1988 - 1992 Ph.D. - Royal Veteriary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark

Academic grades



Professional experience

1993 - 1999 Project co-ordinator, zoonosis projects - Federation of Danish Pig Producers and Slaughterhouses, Veterinary Dept.
1985 - 1988 Vet practice - Faxe Vet Practice


Danish, English


Zoonoses surveillance and control in humans and food animals. Risk assessment. Investigation of foodborne outbreaks in humans.
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