Main research activities in the area of:
1. Optical Network Control Plane, GMPLS/ASON networks.
2. Control Plane solutions for inter-domain and inter-layer communication.
3. Quality of Transmission in wavelength routed optical networks, incorporating QoT in the Control Plane.
4. Control plane solutions for novel carrier ethernet technologies (NG-OTN, Gb Ethernet, PBB-TE, etc.).
5. 100 Gb Ethernet switching.
6. Resiliency in telecommunication networks - inter/intra-domain and multi-layer survivability.
7. Energy efficienty in telecommunication networks.
8. GMPLS/OBS integration architectures.
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  • Journal of Optical Communications and Networking

    ISSNs: 1943-0620, 1536-5379, 1943-0620

    Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1943-0639

    I E E E, United States

    ISI indexed (2013): ISI indexed yes, BFI (2015): BFI-level 1, Scopus rating (2015): 1.306 1.714

    Central database


  • Photonic Network Communications

    ISSNs: 1387-974X

    Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1572-8188

    Springer New York LLC, United States

    ISI indexed (2013): ISI indexed yes, BFI (2008): BFI-level 1, Scopus rating (2015): 0.396 0.627

    Central database


  • W S E A S Transactions on Circuits and Systems

    ISSNs: 1109-2734, 1109-2734

    World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society, Greece

    ISI indexed (2013): ISI indexed no, BFI (2015): BFI-level 1, Scopus rating (2015): 0.149 0.768

    Central database


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