An increasing number of clinical and epidemiological studies support the beneficial effects of long chain omega-3 PUFA against various diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular illnesses. More recently, an omega-3 deficiency has been related to the development of various mental illnesses, including depression, ADHD and dementia. Hence, it is of utmost importance to increase the human intake of the healthy omega-3 PUFA, and the interest in omega-3 enriched foods is therefore escalating.
However, these highly unsaturated lipids are prone to lipid oxidation, which will eventually lead to deterioration of flavor and nutritional value of the food to which they are added. Furthermore, lipid oxidation products can have potentially harmful consequences in humans, such as the development of atherosclerosis and thrombosis.
My research therefore focuses on minimizing lipid oxidation in simple emulsions and more complex food products. Thus, my fields of research are i) physical stabilization and characterization of omega-3 oil-in-water emulsions ii) lipid oxidation in simple emulsion systems, as affected by the use of different emulsifiers and emulsification techniques and iii) lipid oxidation in complex food systems enriched with omega-3 oil.



0104 - 3101 PhD - DTU Food
2001 - 2007 MSc in Biology and Food Science - University of Copenhagen

Academic grades

MSc in Biology and Food Science

PhD 2012

Professional experience

0102 - Pres Post doc (DTU Food) - Technical University of Denmark
2008 - 2012 PhD student (DTU Food) - Technical University of Denmark
2007 - 2008 Research Assistant (DTU Aqua) - Technical University of Denmark


Danish, English


Fields of research: Lipid oxidation and the effects of antioxidants in complex food systems enriched with fish oil. Lipid oxidation in simple emulsion systems, related to different emulsifier types and emulsification techniques. Physical stabilization and characterization of fish oil-enriched emulsions.

International experience

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, USA: March-June 2009, under supervision by Profs. E. Decker & D.J. McClements. Wageningen University, Holland: August 2008, under supervision by Dr. Ir. K Schröen
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