Andreas Ibrom

Andreas Ibrom


Frederiksborgvej 399, Building 309

4000 Roskilde


Phone: 46774177

Mobile: 2132 5201

Fax: 4677 4160

  • Biometeorologist, plant ecologist and ecosystems researcher
  • Interdisciplinary tropical research
  • Specialist on turbulence measurements and data post processing (eddy covariance technique)
  • Biophysical modelling (MAESTRA, Biome-BGC, SVAT,COUP)
  • Meteorological research at landscape, ecosystem, canopy and sub-canopy scales
  • Data analysis and scientific programming (C, SAS, FORTRAN, UNIX, R)
  • Research project management: Pi of two and member of five EU projects, several national research projects
  • University teaching of bioclimatology at the University of Göttingen, Germany and DTU, Denmark


Academic grades

Prof. Apl. Dr.



-       Long-term micrometeorology at 5 intensive meteorological tower sites – high quality, continuous atmospheric measurements of motion, energy content and radiation

-       Development of the eddy covariance technique and turbulence data post processing (data quality control, correction for low-pass filtering effects in tubes, development of commercial sensor designs and software.

-       3D biophysical modeling of radiative transfer and canopy photosynthesis in forests and agroforestry systems.

-       Deposition of atmospheric trace substances to terrestrial ecosystems

Ecosystems research:

-       CO2 and H2O gas exchange with the atmosphere (leaves, soil, ecosystem)

-       Ecosystem Carbon budgets and their components

-       Nitrogen deposition and cycling in forests.

-       Dynamic ecosystem modeling (MixForSvat, COUP, Biome-BGC) and model intercomparisons (a number of models from European modeling groups)

-       Regional greenhouse gas balances

Industrial Ecology(teaching at DTU)

-       Environmental sustainability concepts for industrial systems from local to global scales

-       Material and energy flows in industrial and natural ecosystems

-       Life cycle assessment

-       Ecological network analysis for eco industrial parks

Interdisciplinary, cross cultural research

-       Effects of land-use and land-use change in tropical rain forest margins in Indonesia

-       Prediction of climate change impacts on natural resources at local scales

International experience

-       64 peer-reviewed, international scientific publications in journals and books (56 ISI listed, H-index 20, times cited 3867, Web of Knowledge 11.01.2014)

-       European Geophysical Union member since 1996, convener of session AS2.1: Air-Land Interactions since 2008.

-       Site PI of the global flux research network FLUXNET.

-       Member of the Monitoring System Assembly for the ESFRI Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS)

-       Member of the ‘The Nordic Centre for studies of Ecosystem Carbon Exchange (NECC)’

-       Danish representative of the COST action PROFOUND and member of COST actions ABBA, FP903 and CLIMMANI.

-       Peer review in 16 international, scientific journals, external reviewer of academic projects and theses, research and job proposals for research organisations in Germany, Ireland and The Netherlands.

Research proposal assessment for German, Irish and Dutch research institutions and funding agencies

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  • Geophysical Research Abstracts

    ISSNs: 1607-7962, 1029-7006, 1029-7006, 1029-7006

    ISSNs (Electronic): 1029-7006

    Copernicus GmbH, Germany

    ISI indexed (2013): no, FI (2009): 1

    Central database


  • Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

    ISSNs: 0168-1923, 01681923

    ISSNs (Electronic): 1873-2240

    Elsevier BV, Netherlands

    ISI indexed (2013): yes, FI (2013): 2

    Central database


  • Ecological Modelling

    ISSNs: 0304-3800, 03043800

    ISSNs (Electronic): 1872-7026

    Elsevier BV, Netherlands

    ISI indexed (2013): yes, FI (2013): 2

    Central database


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