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Anders Baun


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Anders Baunis professor in risk assessment of nanomaterials at the Department of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Denmark. He has a M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering (DTU, 1994) and holds a Ph.D. in application of biotests for characterization of contaminated water samples (DTU, 1998). His post doc. research focused at risk assessment, chemical, and biological aspects of groundwater pollution. His main research area is today environmental risk assessment of nanomaterials. He has been the project leader at DTU for several research projects receiving both national and international funding, e.g. the EU FP7 projects NanoImpactNet and Engineered Nanoparticles - Review of Health and Environmental Safety (ENRHES). He is the author of 185 scientific peer-reviewed contributions (46 of which are ISI paper) and has presented his research at more than 50 international conferences. He served as associate editor for the highly ranked journal Water Research (2004-2008) and he is a member of the board of NanoDTU – DTU’s interdisciplinary center for nanotechnology. In 2008 he received the Environmental Award (40,000 Euro) for his research in environmental effects of nanomaterials, in 2009 he was awarded the “PhD Supervisor of the Year” award at DTU, and 2011 he received the Statoil Award. In 2011 he received a 1.2 MEuro grant from the European Research Council to study environmental effects of nanomaterials.



1988 - 1994 Chemical Engineer - Technical University of Denmark

Academic grades

Ph.D. in Ecotoxicology

M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering

Professional experience

2011 - Professor - DTU Environment
1994 - 1995 Research Assistant - DTU
1995 - 1998 PhD Student - DTU Environment
1996 - 1997 Scientific advisor - Phuket Marine Biological Center, Thailand
1998 - 2001 Assistant research professor - DTU Environment
2001 - 2011 Associate professor - DTU Environment
2007 - 2011 Head of Innovation - DTU Environment
2013 - Head of Section - DTU Environment


Danish, English, German, Spanish

International experience


Associate editor of Nanotoxicology (2012-)

Associate editor of Water Research (2004-2008).

 Member of the Steering Committee of NRP (National Research Project) 64 "Opportunities and Risks of Nanomaterials", Swiss Research Foundation (2009-2013).

Member of the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (Mistra) task force for the research programme “Solving Environmental Problems with Nanotechnology (2012-2013)

Invited expert member: “Nanosilver, Safety, Health and Environmental effects and role in antimicrobial Resistance”. SCENIHR, European Commission (2012-2013)

Member of the Expert Group “Impact of nanomaterials on human health.” European Academies Science Advisory Council/ European Commission Joint Research Centre (2010-2011)

Organizer and teacher of continuing education courses in environmental risk assessment for the staff at the European Chemicals Agency, European Commission, Helsinki, Finland (2012-2013)

 Member of scientific committee of the conference NanoToxicology 2014, Istanbul, Turkey.

Member of the Advisory Board for NanoSphere Research Centre, Gothenburg University, Sweden (2009-2014)

Team leader in NanoREM, MARINA, NanoImpactNet and ENRHES. Four EU FP7 projects on nanomaterials and risks.

Member of scientific committee of the conference NanoToxicolgy 2010, Edinburgh, UK.

Member of the scientific committee for NanoImpactNet – QNano conference, “From theory to practice - development, training and enabling nanosafety and health research”, 27 February to 2 March 2012, Dublin, Ireland

Member of the scientific committee of the 3rd NanoImpactNet Conference, Lausanne, CH.

Invited speaker/keynote speaker at fourteen international conferences/workshops, e.g. the 6th International Conference of Environmental Effects of Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials, London, 19-21 September 2011.

Reviewer of research proposals for Danish Research Council (DK), Natural Environmental Research Council (UK), Environmental Protection Agency (UK), The Norwegian Research Council (N), FORMAS (S), The Estonian Science Foundation (Estonia), The Finnish Research Council (FI), The Research Council of Switzerland (CH), Luxembourg Research Council (L), National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (CA).

Reviewer for Aquatic Toxicology, Chemosphere, Environmental Pollution, Environmental Research, Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Science and Technology, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Journal of Chromatography A, Journal of Nanoparticle Research, Nanomedicine, Nanotoxicology, Waste Management, Water Research, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

Invited expert in the EU FP6 project RiskBridge on environmental impacts of nanotechnology.

Organizer of Nano-Ecotox-Risk session at 16th SETAC Europe Conference in The Hague, The Netherlands, 7-11 May 2006 & 17th SETAC Europe Conference in Porto, Portugal, 20-24 May 2007.

Member of expert group in nanomaterials, the Norwegian Technological Council (2007-2008).

 Member of the working group “Aquatic Nanoscience and Nanotechnology” under the German Water Chemical Society (2007-2009).

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    ISSNs (Electronic): 1573-3017

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