Academic grades

BSc. Marine Biology

Post-graduation Marine Biology: Fisheries

MSc. Fisheries Biology and Management

Professional experience

03/0 - 03/0 Research fellow - University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences
12/1 - 12/0 Visiting scientist - Plymouth Marine Laboratories and University of Plymouth, Marine Biology & Ecology Research Centre
01/0 - 19/0 Data analyzer - Institute of Marine Research, Bergen
04/2 - 10/2 Laboratory assistant - Institute of Marine Research, Bergen
12/0 - 24/0 Field assistant - Institute of Marine Research, Bergen
08/2 - 09/2 Conference volunteer - University of Algarve, Faculty of Marine and Environmental Sciences


Portuguese, English


I am specially interested in survival strategies of different life-stages, from an eco-evolutionary and conservation-driven approach. My main research topics focus on grasping the concept of evolution, its variations and effects both at the organism and community levels, especially if it involves species under environmental and anthropological pressures, such as climate change or fisheries.

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  • Journal of Plankton Research

    ISSNs: 0142-7873

    Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1464-3774

    Oxford University Press, United Kingdom

    ISI indexed (2013): ISI indexed yes, BFI (2015): BFI-level 1, Scopus rating (2015): 1.043 0.746

    Local database


  • Marine Ecology - Progress Series

    ISSNs: 0171-8630

    Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1616-1599

    Inter-Research, Germany

    ISI indexed (2013): ISI indexed yes, BFI (2015): BFI-level 2

    Local database


  • Climatic Change

    ISSNs: 0165-0009, 0165-0009

    Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1573-1480

    Springer Netherlands, Netherlands

    ISI indexed (2013): ISI indexed yes, BFI (2015): BFI-level 1, Scopus rating (2015): 2.149 1.313

    Local database


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