Background of research:

Many diseases of affluence would not develop without immune dysregulation: cardiovascular disease, allergies, asthma, and others. A key trigger of inflammatory events in the body is the intestinal flora. If microbial structures from the gut lumen manage to cross the intestinal barrier, sub-clinical chronic inflammation may occur, promoting disorders mentioned above.
Nutrition plays an important role in maintaining the intestinal barrier and keeping the delicate balance between tolerance to harmless structures and a fast immune response against pathogens.

Focus of research:

- Identification of key structures from the
  intestine triggering sub-clinical chronic
- Investigation of food components counteracting
  activation of immune cells
- Development of nutritional strategies for an
  enhanced intestinal integrity
- Establishment of models depicting the systemic
  interaction among mucosal cells, immune cells,
  intestinal microbiota, and nutrients

Goal of research:

To find a systemic approach for effective prevention of nutrition-related immune disorders

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