Water Resources Engineering


Organisation profile

Water Resources Engineering (Theme) includes following Groups & Topics:


Hydrology (About the Group):
- Integrated water resources management (About the Topic)

- Catchment hydrology (About the Topic)
- Subsurface hydrology (About the Topic)
- Hydrogeophysics and remote sensing in hydrology (About the Topic)

- Computational methods in water resources (About the Topic) 

Geochemistry (About the Group)

- Redox processes in aquatic systems (About the Topic)

- Iron geochemistry (About the Topic)

- Sorption geochemistry including modeling (About the Topic)

- Diagenesis of sedimentary rocks (About the Topic)

- Minerals and mineral deposits (About the Topic)


Contaminated Sites (About the Group):

- Characterisation and risk assessment (About the Topic)

- Fate and transport (About the Topic)

- Modelling of pollutants (About the Topic)

- Natural attenuation (About the Topic)

- Remediation technologies (About the Topic) 


About the Research Theme

Access to water is essential for livelihoods, food and energy production, industry, and ecosystems. Water scarcity, however, combined with deteriorating water quality can be a severe restriction for adequate access.

Protection of natural habitats, as required by the EU Water Framework Directive, is setting restrictive limits to the human use of water, so also in humid climates like in Denmark harnessing of the water resources is complicated and must build on expert knowledge. Worldwide, climate and land use change, floods, droughts, overuse of water, and heavy pollution create enormous problems where advanced water resources engineering expertise is essential.

Water in the environment is dynamic and ever moving, and improved description and understanding of the physical and chemical processes are basic efforts behind all water resources engineering as is advanced spatially/temporally resolved monitoring techniques. The Water Resources Engineering theme is developing a diverse range of science-based tools for management, protection and remediation of freshwater in its different settings like surface water in rivers and lakes and groundwater in shallow and deep aquifers. 

The Water Resources Engineering theme encompasses a long list of research activities organised within a number of scientific disciplines each of which addresses part of the overall problem complex. The theme facilitates cross-fertilisation and cooperation between the three research groups that constitute the theme. 

Theme leader: Professor Poul L. Bjerg


Contact information

Kgs. Lyngby
  • Phone: +45 4525 1600
  • Fax: +45 4593 2850
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  • Geophysical Research Abstracts

    ISSNs: 1607-7962, 1029-7006, 1029-7006

    Copernicus GmbH, Germany

    ISI indexed (2012): no, FI (2009): 1

    Central database


  • Journal of Hydrology

    ISSNs: 0022-1694, 00221694

    Elsevier BV, Netherlands

    FI (2012): 2, ISI indexed (2012): yes

    Central database


  • Journal of Contaminant Hydrology

    ISSNs: 0169-7722

    Elsevier BV, Netherlands

    FI (2012): 1, ISI indexed (2012): yes

    Central database


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